5 Tips For Changing Your Diet Lifestyle

5 Tips For Changing Your Diet Lifestyle

Getting started at changing your diet is hard!

Sticking to it is even harder it’s easier to go back to the way you were eating before or just not even beginning right?

We’ve been there too, we wanted a healthier lifestyle so started with sugar and trying to ban sugar from the house, which led to everyone goring on sugar out side of the house….and yelling in the store “I don’t care if it has chemicals init just buy it”! – An old man past when the teen was yelling this, I got a very dirty look shot my way… Note to self don’t take a teen food shopping!
When I think of sugar I think of sweets… Being a sweet tooth it was hard, shaking withdrawal process, but have gone back to eating sugar, but have learned a lot.
Our body’s can’t process¬†fructose which is in processed sugar and corn syrup – If that got taken off the shelves in the stores that would be 80% of all products taken off the shelf’s.
With sugar It’s the process of how sugar is made it’s finding sugar that is not made with heat processing.
Looking at this it wasn’t just sugar it ended up being a lot of our foods like flour, cocoa, etc that different types of processes changes the nutritious content of our food.
Not only our food but the chemical contents in our everyday products we use.

With this being nearly a two year process of trying to figure this out and then coming across people that this is there lifestyle a sustainable way of living it has been easier to pick and choose where I want to test trail what will work for us.

So below here are some tips from our journey that is still beginning…

Tip 1 –
Don’t think of it as a Diet – Think of it as a lifestyle change for the better
I know when I think of a diet, I associate it with starving myself of the food I eat, then when I eat the wrong food get all depressed and go back to eating the wrong food.
With a lifestyle change I’m changing the food I eat, finding more out about different food and educating myself on different food options – by still being able to have treats but eating treats made from different products where it still tastes the same or even better but having the healthier factor, were I don’t think I’m starving or eating wrong but can reward myself for doing great with a healthier treat option.
For Example – I like Chocolate – instead of eating milk or dairy milk chocolate could opt for dark chocolate with 60% or more Cocoa.
Look as it as your adding than taking away – when we think things are being taken away from us we get sad and depressed than when we add we are happy and excited because we are getting more.
Then it will hopefully be more maintainable and something you look forward to doing everyday.

Tip 2 –
Choose where you would like to focus on your lifestyle change
For Example – adding more – fruit and veges, exercise, grains and legumes, organic foods, hemp products, being more hydrated, making more homemade products… etc.
Choose one or two to start with, so that you don’t change everything all at once and then freak out that it’s all too much, it’s better to do one step at a time at your pace.
You might want to set up a table on a calendar and each month or so introduce a new lifestyle change to your lifestyle so you can ease into it and learn on the way.

Tip 3 –
Custom make your lifestyle for you!
Research Paolo, Raw, Vegetarian, Vegan, Forks over Knives,¬†Mediterranean diets, sustainable living, then look at Country’s that have less disease’s, then check what type of products they use,eat and do.
Then pick and choose what you would like to test and trail, make a list and comment on each test and trail, with that start designing a custom lifestyle for you!

Tip 4 –
Talk to people/ask questions on forums, websites, etc that are doing what you would like to know more about or would like to do.
Scan through the forums, websites also as some of your questions may have been answered.
If you don’t know where to begin type your question into the browser your using – Google, Tor, Duckduckgo, Steemit etc, it will hopefully give you some sites that may have your answers to browse through.

Tip 5 –
Things take time to adjust when you are learning, it will get easier once you get your routine going, but slowly do the changes one step at a time and keep to the goals you have set, if you don’t reach them in the timely manner that you had wanted don’t worry keep going and trying to get them.
Be proud of every achievement you do!

“It’s better to have tried and failed, than to have never tried at all” – Unknown

“It’s not just about looking great, but feeling great too” – Lumowell Exercises
Thank you for stopping by, We hope these five tips have been helpful in some way!
Have a Fabulous Day/Evening!

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