Kia Ora

Lets start with some Definitions to clear the air –

Big Lips is a Far East Russian saying wanting more than you can afford, or wanting too much – (which we all have Big Lips in one way or form.)
Big Lips to me is like having Caviar Taste without the funds or budget to back up that lifestyle.
Budget Mama – I think this may be self explanatory – I’m a Mama with a very tight non breathable budget, that likes finding quality products that fit within that budget if possible in the easiest way & shortest time possible of shopping.

It’s taken over three years to figure out how to pull BLBM (Big Lips Budget Mama) together with the core ideas being to How can anyone save money from shopping from stores – this evolved from only focusing on small budgets, and widening  as even one likes to save no matter what their financial situation is.
How can people earn online – which also evolved from the same as saving money and also a big selfish one trying to earn online so I didn’t have to get a J.O.B where we didn’t have to worry about sharing the burden of who’s turn is it to take time off work to look after the kids when they got sick and surrendering parental responsibility’s like pick up drop off, school activity’s, homework to school, aftercare facility’s, nannies etc for exchange of missing out on blessed moments for money with goes in one hand and out the other which most of the time is living week to week by the seat of our pants to just cover the bills and losing that time as a family.

As I used to ran up to people and be a talking billboard for specials which kinda offended some people to the point they would see me coming and turn in the opposite direction to which they where coming towards me, or pretend their phone was on silent and it just rang.

With wanted to reach people that actually wanted to know specials and with out offending people we came up with BLBM, which has taken on some fine turning over the Three years, We want quality products, food that is healthy for our family’s and fuels us, Save and Earn mostly from the comfort of home if possible or have the options all layed out so we can decide what suits our lifestyle.
With earning online it’ not an easy ride, and can tell you it’s easier to throw in the towel and get a J.O.B We wanted to get to the bottom of  fairy-tale and fairy dust surrounding working from home online and break down the options out there.

We are trying to simplify the website by focusing on the Steemit posts, and the directory will be added to when we find places to add for New Zealand.
The Cafe will be our old posts that we most likely wont update as we will be doing posts on Steemit,
Why would we put our posts on Steemit than our website? 
So we don’t have to add ads to our website to be able to earn which gives us more time to concentrate on post content instead of focusing on adding ads and finding them, giving better information and posts for our followers.
What will Biglipsbudgetmama post on Steemit?
Lots of different posts from working on line, Health, Noobie lifestyle, Recipes, Test and trailing things and more.

Our health is more important than money, That’s why Nature produces the best products for people to use.
It’s finding people that have the know how to use Natures goodies that provides healthy lifestyles.

For us it’s about finding quality over quantity that lasts, like products used to be made, with love passion and to last, which is hard to find in this day and age.
We like exploring quality, long lasting, Organic, Natural, Hemp where possible, oh yes did I forget to say that can fit a budget and if possible can give our customers a discount would be a cherry on top.

Yes we have Big Lips that we can’t deny! 

We understand we can’t please everyone’s budget, or get discounts all the time, It’s about having a choice and option, range of products to choose that may fit your budget.

We aim to try and Save you time, money and hopefully less stress and more time to spend with family or doing the things you love with giving you information to find what is right for you!

Thank You for Visiting!