Is A Bank Teller Committing Fraud In Auckland With Your Hard Earn Cash

Is A Bank Teller Committing Fraud In Auckland With Your Hard Earn Cash

We’ll we really don’t know?
When you go into a bank they are heavily guarded by camera’s so you would think that if a teller keeps making mistakes that the banks would be able to track this as they wouldn’t be able to commit any type of fraud right?

When different people go into the same bank get the same teller on different days, and both find that giving the teller a few hundred dollars, on one of those occasions close to $1,000 they walk out and quickly check the receipt to find the teller only put about $40 – $80 into their bank account.

When going back the person both the times has said sorry mistake.

Don’t get us wrong we understand people make mistakes we all do, but when it’s your job and your to be mindful of what your doing how can this mistake constantly be happening with large amount of cash discrepancy’s, so where is the money going, because that mean’s the tellers till would be up by a lot each day which should spark the person counting the money why?
The people losing out are customers and surer you wouldn’t want to loss a few hundred dollars and then it falls on the bank causing them time to figure out what is going on and where did the money go?

(Note this didn’t happen to us, but it makes you more mindful to check your receipts just to make surer a mistake isn’t being made, no matter which bank you bank with. 

Has this happened to you or anyone you know lately?

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