I personally applied for a courtesy car with Acorn Rentals after my car got damaged sitting in a supermarket parking lot when someone accidentally hit my car, after talking to their insurance, and finding out that the insurance company does not give out courtesy cars and the Mechanic or Panel Beater won’t give you out a car if they have one, until the insurance company has had an inspector come over and check the car and do their thing, which is meant to be about 2 and a half days to 4 days after putting it to the insurance company.
Within that time you need to take it to the Mechanic and or panel beater where they will take pictures and send them off to the insurance company.
The insurance company then decides weather they will fix the car or pay you a settlement, which is on market value on what their inspector thinks it is worth before the accident.

So if you have a perfectly working car before the accident, they will not give you a perfectly working car back.
Which is frustrating to say the least.

If the insurance company is going to fix your car it depends on the insurance company, but I was told by the inspector that came over that only insurance company’s in New Zealand will pay out 100% to fix your car, the rest will only cover 75% of the cost to fix it.
This is if you have no insurance and the person that damaged your Vehicle, insurance company is paying, not surer if that apply’s to if you have insurance yourself.

While all this is going on your still sitting without a car, and if who ever is fixing your car has no courtesy car or is two booked up, you won’t get one, and then if it’s gonna take 2,3 or even 4 weeks for it to even start getting fixed your without a car for a long time.
As that was what I was looking at about 2 weeks before they could even start fixing it, if the insurance company decided to fix it.

How does a Insurance Company decide weather to fix or settle?
Basically what is ever cheaper for them!
If you have an old girl like mine classed as a Classic Car, they will look at the cost to fix the damage, and the market value which ever one is cheaper that is what they are gonna offer you.
That’s where you need to decide what you are gonna do, you can ask them for I think it is called a cash settle, where you ask for some cash and the car, where you keep the car and can fix it yourself and take a smaller portion of the cash.
It all depends on the insurance company, what they are going to do.

How can I get a Free Courtesy Car in New Zealand & Australia when I’m not at fault?
At the moment it has come to New Zealand and only in Auckland, I’m surer they will expand later on when they get known, but have been in Australia since 1990.
Go the Acorn Rentals website, fill in the online form, you will need to add your Name, Address,Driver licence details, The at fault person’s Name, Address, Insurance Claim number, the accident details.
You can ring the 0800 number also, which goes to the Australian office, they are lovely and very helpful, they will tell you step by step what to expect.
You will receive a email, shortly after submitting, saying they received it.
They will then take a few days, as they need to ring the insurance company/s to find out if what you have put is correct.
They will give you a call weather you have been accepted or not.

What happens if I’ve been accepted for a Free Courtesy Car?
You will need to email a copy/photo of your licence back and front to Acorn Rentals Australian Office.
The Australian Office will call/email your local Acorn Rentals to give your details, for them to arrange the car and paperwork with you.
The delivery guys/gals will give you a call and arrange a time to deliver the car to you, weather it be at work, home or at the mechanics/panel beaters.
You will need your licence they will take a photo of it also, so they have a copy also.
They will go through the contract with you, take you around the car and inspect it, answer any questions you have.

Is this for real?
I was asking the two young guys standing at my door, with the car keys to a 2016 Toyota Camry sitting in my driveway.
Let alone it took me till the next to realize it was a 2016 car I was driving, as I was freaking enough that I thought it was three years old, when reading their site it said, no later than three years old.
I really didn’t think they would give me a Brand new car, lead alone full with gas to the top, clean and nothing was falling off it.
Everything was working, if you’ve drived some of the courtesy cars some of mechanics or panel beaters give you you will understand they arn’t brand new cars nor with a fill tank of gas and only had 5222km on the clock.

They don’t take your credit card details at all, you don’t have to give any money for the rental, unless you damage it.
If you damage it, it is under insurance, which at the time I got it, it was $385 to pay out if any damage, if I was at fault or not, then if I wasn’t at fault they would reimburse you.

You have the car until the insurance company fixes your car, or if it was a settlement, you can only have the car till the Insurance Company put’s the money in your bank account, once it has hit the account you need to give back the car.

When you get a car from  Acorn Rentals you also are signing that they can contact the insurance company on your behalf.

I’ll tell you when Acorn Rentals got involved the insurance company was ringing the panel beaters the next day, to hurry them up, and the next day after that the insurance company was contacting me to let me knot that the inspector would ring to work out a time to check the car.
The guy came on a Saturday to take photo’s of the car.
I’ve been told more than likely they will want to settle as the damage is more than the car is worth in their eyes.

With what they want to give us it’s gonna be hard to find something, so we will just have to wait and see what the next chapter holds.

I’ll write another post on giving the car back, which is going to be painful but we are blessed to have it for the short time we do.


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