Tantrums, legs a swinging, arms a waving, face in the pavement, rivers of tears, clutching the keys to the 2016 Toyota Camry….

Nah just kidding we weren’t that bad I don’t think, only asked if they were surer they didn’t want us to keep the car sadly it was a it has to go to others….. boo hoo.

We were blessed to have the car from Acorn for 2 and a bit weeks, with the crazy stress from the insurance company, and the situation on a whole, it was nice not having to walk everywhere as two days was tiring.
It makes you realize that a little accident, can cause a huge affect on your life.
With our car being so old, and were the car was impacted on the Tyre it ended up being a write off by insurance.

When your getting a settlement you get to keep the courtesy car until the money is dropped into your bank account.

With the insurance company we just got the muck around, at the end of it they tried to sell us insurance are they kidding, I would buy it from them, the customer service was shocking.
They had the balls to say if we had insurance that it would of been quicker, wait what you cant do your job quicker because no ones following you up really.
Acorn hurry’s up the insurance company but the funny thing they can take their time if you have a courtesy car with Acorn because at the end of the day it’s gonna bite them in the bum because who’s got to pay the XX $$$ a day for the car rental the insurance company that’s client was at fault.

Because Acorn is new to New Zealand the insurance company’s haven’t woken up yet that they have to pay.

My fear from using Acorn was a bill at the end of it so the million dollar question –

Did I get charged from Acorn for using their 2016 Toyota Camry for 2 and a bit weeks?

Not a cent they had no credit card, bank details, no way to charge me, they didn’t send me a bill in the mail nothing.

It felt very surreal the whole situation lots of fun memory’s driving the car, lovely car to drive, did take a week and a bit to realize why I couldn’t find the back window wiper button switchy thingy, because they are the only Toyota not to have a back window wiper – I found that really weird.
You had the option to over ride the auto drive and use it as a manual, I prefer a manual over a auto that’s my preference but I didn’t want to tutu so I left it on Auto.
The handbrake it wasn’t in the middle of the car, it was a petal like in a manual how you have your clutch, but it was and handbrake.
The key reminded me of a over-sized swizz pocket knife – as you had a button to flip out the key which was quite cool.
Gas wise it was alright, it had a Eco thing that flashed on the dash board when it went into Eco drive – I found it did have a big tank, and the gas cover inside had like a latch or rubber string attached to the gas cover so you didn’t lose it or forget to put it on when you filled up gas.

I hope these 3 part posts help someone when they are on this journey of a not at fault car crash, when your looking for a free courtesy car.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts, your journey also if you have been through this.
Have a Wonderful Day/Evening.



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