Can you hold your Wealth in your mouth

You might think having Gold Teeth is a fad or a hip hop thing that came around in the 1980’s, 1990’s or the turn of the 21st Century 2000’s with Celebrity’s trying to find another way to add bling or show their wealth, they did that with grills, but not Gold Teeth.

Gold is actually what Dentists used to use before putting magnesium in our mouths for fillings, and crowns.
It has been used for century’s more by some of the Country’s like Russia, China, and some smaller country’s around that area.
Also Some Pacific country’s like Tonga it is a tradition to get like a gold tooth (Nifo Koula) to mark coming of age, a gift, a celebration in your life.

Russia, Asia and some smaller country’s it was a sign of wealth to have gold teeth the more you had, more wealth you had, but if you had money left over after doing this you were very wealthy.

This post more come from a child going the dentist and getting a stainless steel crown and looking more into what would be better than that and was it safe, as when we were younger we got magnesium and now they are saying that is very bad and leds to health issues and also a comment someone made which really got me thinking.
Researching what is best came the findings of Gold, and porcelain, and how long Gold has been used as teeth also, so why would people change what works without complication and change to something that doesn’t work and has health issues, expense, gold teeth, crowns and fillings cost you can get them, but doing them in children dentists advised not to if on baby teeth as they will fall out in a few years.
But saying that if it’s going to fall out in a few years, could you take out the gold and sell it when the baby tooth falls out? Yes you could, but not surer if a dentist wants to fiddle around with something so small, and if they get the size of the crown wrong or do a mistake it could become very costly, but does cost equate to the health value?

The comment that got me thinking –

I’m Rich¬†came the comment from someone that had a few full gold teeth.

Remembering the celebrity fad of gold teeth I thought about all the comments of what a waste of money, then I thought hang on what if it’s a genus idea not just to show wealth, but what about to hold wealth.

Let me explain if you invest in Gold, it’s heavy hard to carry in a emergency or you might not be able to grab it, then I’ve heard people saying that the government can come and take your Gold, it could get stolen etc etc.
But if you melt it down and make teeth or fully crown your teeth out of Gold, would you not be holding your wealth because it will go everywhere with you, and I don’t think the Government can take your teeth, (but you never know).

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