Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The suttle (subtle)  smell of Coconut lingers on my hands, from the small bit of fast melting to the touch of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

This is the second time I’ve brought Coconut Oil, the first time I used a different brand that cost about $5 for a little plastic container so paying $21.80 – using my members id to grab the discount took a lot of umming and arrring.

After a week of looking at other Coconut Oils and going back and forth, I took the plunge, I ordered it on a Saturday, it arrived on the Friday, nicely insulated with little airbags and bubble wrap.
i was expecting a tiny little plastic container, but got surprised by a good size large glass jar, with a plastic top, with glad wrap under the lid also.

Opening it up and sniffing it, came back a lingering soft smell of coconut – yes I know it’s Coconut Oil and it should smell and taste like Coconut Right, but not all do – because of different processes and all Coconut Oil is not the same, the other one I had didn’t smell like Coconut,  the texture was a little bit gritty – from the first jar I tried I didn’t really want to try Coconut Oil again.
As I couldn’t see what the fuss or benefits were.

So toddling off to Google and finding a whole lot of uses and benefits of Coconut Oil –

– Can put on the skin, it just melts on your skin from the touch of the heat and rubs in – can help with skin infections, anti aging.
– Can use on your hair straight as a leave in hair conditioner or find a recipe online for a homemade shampoo, the one I saw was   just coconut oil and a essence – seemed quite easy to do.
– can eat a teaspoon of it a day to help with curbing cravings, helps with increasing your metabolism, easy to digest, longer      sustained energy – that teaspoon can be eaten off the spoon or put in coffee, tea, soothies etc.
– Improves Brain function and Memory
– Boosts your immune system
– Prevents Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Cures Kidney and Heart disease, Gum disease and Tooth Decay.
– Helps with Alzheimer’s Disease
– Reduces Arthritis and Inflammation
– Improves Type II Diabetes
– Helps with Weight loss, Building Muscle and losing body fat, and Hormone balance.
– Used in cooking and baking

That’s just some of them, as there seem to be many Benefits and uses.

So what I’ve gathered from looking at different information is it’s Anti microbial and anti fungal, not stored as fat as it in tiny tiny parts that are easy for the liver to break down.

Looking at the information it looks like the very first cheap one I brought was a processed one, which is really not that good for you as it is chemically treated, things added in, which makes the fats bad.

The best type to get is Extra Virgin and Cold press, this is the type I just got, plus it is also Cert. Organic Fair Trade,  and all the above benefits I don’t know if they work, people are saying that it is proven, so I’m gonna give it a whirl as I just found out I have high blood pressure, Vitamin B12, and three high liver functions so lets see if this sucker brings them down.
But I know when I put it on my skin it felt lovely, I was worried about it being oily but it drys and leaves a nice little linger of Coconut if you keep sniffing your hands.

It’s only just arrived today, so I’ll keep you updated how it’s going with using it and what the benefits are.

If you would like to give it a whirl and grab a discount at the same time you can use our member id 1000252 – (copy and paste in to the member id area)(Note – to grab the discount you will need to sign up as a member on the site, this is Free to do to be able to receive discounts from the RRP, you can sign up Here using Member Id 1000252.)

Thank You for Visiting, hopefully this was helpful, we would love to hear your thoughts or your experiences using Coconut Oil, by leaving a comment below.
Have a wonderful Day/Night.

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