The Extravaganza for Auckland Anniversary Weekend

The Extravaganza for Auckland Anniversary Weekend

Looking for something fun to with the family or friends for Auckland Anniversary Day, why not head out West or if your out West why not head out to Craigavon park on Kinross street, Blockhouse Bay/Green Bay where you can also treat your friendly dogs that are good in crowds and around people as it is also a dog park where there is a exercise area for them a few minute walk in the bush also there is wooden exercise gear for people also scattered through the bush but the real attraction being the last day before they head off to Tauranga for next weekend is The Extravaganza.

You may know The Extravaganza as the Gypsy fair you know people and family’s that ditched living in a house to live in a remodeled small/tiny house on wheels that travel the country selling amazing items they have made or can get in to sell, living an alternative lifestyle showing fair goers their riches – of happiness, energy, fun, family, love, community, entrepreneurship skills, craft skills, entertainment skills and a peak into their world.

When you go to The Extravaganza Fair you don’t see their struggles you see their fun electric side where they make it seem easy ditching the rat race of week to week living of bills, 9 – 5 job, the school run and activities, hours of house cleaning to changing the daily grind for a house bus or tiny house on wheels, traveling the country, homeschooling the kids living in each others pockets with the open plains of  New Zealand  as your playground, learning new skills, being self sufficient, entrepreneurs and maybe diving on in and learning a different way of living.

The atmosphere if fun with smiling giggling kids, dogs enjoying a lovely stroll, family’s strolling around the stores or drinking coffee just chilling watching the entertainment of music, family’s preforming or local people performing or you can in downtime grab the mic and preform asking permission first of course for who’s next in que.

 Disclamer: - You wont see cartoon faces staring back at you when you look into the Barbershop mirror.

Disclamer: - You wont see cartoon faces staring back at you when you look into the Barbershop mirror.

You may just want to enjoy a fun day out with Friends & Family chilling to the entertainment, or trailing the food from

    • American Hot-dogs
    • Donuts
    • Candy floss
    • Grannies Homemade Fudge
    • Bacon & Egg Muffins
    • Ice Shaves
    • Ye Olde Fashion Ice Cream cart

or your taste buds might want something not so indulgent and something a bit healthier

  • Sushi &  Asian Style delectable’s from Ana’s Kitchen
  • Homemade Pasties
  • Best Fresh Burgers
  • Lucky’s Fresh Juice Joint
  • Havana Coffee Works

or you may want to  stroll around taking in the many different stalls including  maybe grabbing a haircut from the Barbershop which did an amazing job even with a nervous little one that loves their haircut that normally doesn’t like getting in to the chair or changes their mind on getting it done. The lady was lovely, very quick, the hair cut looks fabulous it was the designer uppercut short on the sides number 2 and long on top to one side – all the trend right now, but she will do the hair design you would like. Hair cut prices were Ladies – $30, Gentlemen – $20, Kiddies (under 12) – $15.

You might want to see your future from either palm reading or reading from the cards, the card readings there was a que of people waiting, you wrote you name on the board if she was busy, she had signs written up outside what you could expect, was either R16 or R18 – sorry can’t remember which one as I didn’t go in I was just reading the details outside, she did encourage you if you were going to get a reading to record the session on your phone so you could go back and listen later as she did go into details which might not all sink in a short amount of time so you could go back and listen over again.  Prices of a reading where $25 or $45 depending on how much into the future you wanted to go 6 months or 12 months.

Looking at the fabulous things people have made from metal aliens, wooden instruments, Ribbon sticks, tutu’s, art made from flax, clothes and so much more or the kids might want to do one of the activities of rides or art – mold painting, and a few other arty activities were there also ranging around $5 each,  or the bungy ropes was $10 each or even give candle dipping a try – maybe for a adult or teenager where you dip a plain candle in to hot wax and color it, you get to chose three colors they guide you on the color arrangement so the candle doesn’t come out looking muddy if you weren’t trying for that effect which is $4 also you can add an extra $1 and the lady would carve it into a flower on top.

You will most likely want to stop at the crystals van with amazing rocks and the diagrams stuck up on the van explaining the benefits of them, you can also get a rock made in to a necklace especially for you where you get to choose the rock, or you can choose a necklace already made up from polished rocks with metal designs and different chains from metal or leather, you can also get a little  handmade bag for an extra $1 to keep your necklace or a rock simply by it’s self in.
A lovely day out in this beautiful weather ( yeap still writing this post on Auckland Anniversary morning at 10am, so please if your reading it today and know people in Auckland that would like to do something let them know about this, entry is free).

Oh nearly forgot we only saw one tiny home that was open to the public to go and have a look in for $2 person so you can get an idea what down sizing looks like and how possible it is.

If you have ever wondered what it was like living in a tiny home you can check it out and see what it looks like, see the different size vans, and chat with people that have changed their lifestyles and how they dealt with the changes.
Could this be one of the solutions to the housing shortage and ownership’s?

Also you can check out their website gypsy extravaganza to see if they will be in a town near you soon as they travel the North and South Island between September and April every year, next weekend they will be in Tauranga.

Happy Auckland Anniversary Day Fellow Jaffers have a good one on!

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