How can I get a courtesy car after a car accident

Being in an accident big or small is a very stressful ordeal, then if someone has been injured in the process is even more stressful.
But when your the one not at fault, and you have no insurance but the person at fault does, you have to wait on that insurance company to send out an inspector to inspect the damage, run around taking it to company’s to look over the damage before you get a car.
In this mean time while you wait you will be short a car while they decide weather they will fix it or offer you a payout, payouts can take up to a month, and if you are getting your car fixed the company doing so may have a waiting list of anywhere between 2 weeks to 5 weeks wait before they even can start to fix your car, and have a waiting list also for a courtesy car, then on top of that you may need to pay a fee to the company to get a car, if they have a car available for you at all,  then you may also have to pay for the kms you use, then to try get your money back you need to go through the insurance company.
When you ring the person at fault’s insurance company your told well you should of had insurance, well the thing is their client is the one that crashed into you and took your car away from you, now you and your family are left trying to juggle life with out a much needed car for as long as the insurance company wants to muck you around for.

While going thru this right now myself it’s very frustrating, and walking 13kms in one day, was a shock to the system.
Wish I could charge the insurance company for the kms I clocked up walking like they do the courtesy cars.
While sick of getting the same answer that I had to wait until the inspector came, and that I would have to wait at least two weeks for a car from the company that would fix it, as they had a long waiting list, there had to be a solution as there are accidents every day, the insurance company’s can’t just tell people to suck it up and wait till they are good and ready.
Turning to Google after being told by hubby there has to be a way to get a courtesy car, I starting entering in different questions, I tried two different questions
1) – sorry forgot to copy it and accidently deleated it from by history, so can’t remember what I typed in for the first one, any way nothing came up of any use.
2) someone else runs into your car when do you get a courtesy car in new zealand

The second question reading down the eighth one on the first page of Google with this question seemed quite interesting –
Remember that if you are not at fault, you can have a courtesy car … your cell phone, reaching into the back seat, or talking to a passenger in your vehicle. … If you were the driver of a vehicle in which you or someone else got hurt, … body of your vehicle and get it back to an as good as new, factory-quality …

Reading the first part – Remember that if you are not at fault, you can have a courtesy car …
I clicked it and was lead to a blog, which had some great information but decided to click around the website, to find out if it was of any use to me, if i could use it here in New Zealand, or or the city I lived.
I clicked on the front page and saw this
Free Courtesy Car
For people not at fault in an accident.
Our costs are paid by the at fault insurance company.
No deposit. No credit card. No payment needed.

This is sounding awesome, but still not getting my hopes up, I glanced down and saw it …..
Operating in Auckland, NZ

Yippee they operated in Auckland awesome, this might me the answer to my prayers right now, I rang the 0800 number, which rang to the Australian office, they were great listened to me babble on, answered my questions, told step by step what to do, what to expect how long the process would take, and what they would need to do.
Finally someone giving it to me straight and they give the hurry up to the insurance company on your behalf if they decided to muck you about and take too long.
You fill out the form on line right from there site, I got a email very quickly to say they have received it.
I’m still waiting for a yes or no at the moment.

To apply for a Car on there front page click the yellow tab – GET A FREE HIRE CAR
Fill in the form, takes about 5mins – it’s your personal details, like your phone number, address, claim number, car details, the at faults person’s details, details of the crash etc
When you have finished it gets sent off to there Australian office, they will send you a email to say they have received it, mine was very quick to get a email saying they had received the application.
They will check it, then they will need to ring the insurance company.
As the offices are in Australia as they are new to New Zealand, they work on Australian time not New Zealand, so you will need to wait for them to be able to get in contact with the insurance company and then make their decision.
They have been providing Courtesy Cars in Australia since 1990.

So who pays for the service – the insurance company.
What happens if the insurance company doesn’t want to pay, this company will take them to court. you will not have to pay a cent if you are not at fault, they sort it all.

Reading their site, they will drop the car off to you where you would like them to in the Auckland area, at home, work etc, and they will come pick it up when you have received your car back – so you don’t have to be without a car.

What if the accident is your fault, can you apply for a courtesy car – yes you can, you will need to have insurance though – from reading their website.
If unsure you can always give them a call on the 0800 number.

Definitely a site to bookmark to save you/family member or a friend being car less when they need it most.  

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