Left Holding The Hot Potato

Left Holding The Hot Potato

Hot Potato, Hot Potato quick pass it around so you don’t get left holding it, and end up with burnt fingers…
But what if you walk in on the Game, don’t know what’s going on and left holding the Hot Potato staring at it…
You learn pretty quickly throw it, biff if, pass it around, just get rid of it, don’t be the last one holding!

Yeap we got past the Hot Potato & was staring at it, still holding the 2 we got given, but we better quickly decided what to do with them before we get burnt…

Hot Potato is an asset in Crypto on the Burst Asset Exchange –
Whoever holds this asset is a fool. The more shares you end up with the greater fool you are! Get rid of the hot potatoes by transferring them to someone else. Let the games begin! This asset exists for the joy in fun. (This asset helps you also to build up your contact list and get new users aware of the asset exchange.)

(Isn’t that how we live life in a way that you can tell someone that something is hot, they still want to touch it till they figure it out that it will burn them or continue touching it or pass it around so someone else can deal with the pain.)

Instead of thinking that you are a fool for being left with the bag, there’s a few other way’s to look at it –
People are wanting to buy and sell this asset – to try to gain more contacts.
So that makes a value to the asset, (for now) so you can either use it to gain more contacts or if your given it you can sell them for Burst – so in reality you don’t want still be left holding them after the fun of the game has ran out other wise they will be worthless and you wont be able to exchange them for any Burst as the demand will die down.

Thank you to the ADSactly Community for introducing us to real Crypto Projects,Assets & learning about Crypto in general to check out.
If you would like to see any of these Projects that they let their Community know about like the Burst Asset and many more – connect with them on their Forum or on Discord.

If you would like to know more about what the Burst Asset is or the Hot Potato Asset visiting Burst Nation Forum will give you their community to wonder around & check out.  

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