Minor Car Crash/Accident Checklist

Being in a car crash/accident can be quite scary even a minor one as everyone gets a bit rattle.
We also seem to forget to ask things or do things we are meant to in a accident so I’ve just done a quick checklist that might help someone.
You might not do these all in order, and I’ll explain some of them at the bottom of the checklist.

  • Check everyone is ok
  • Check the damage
  • Ring the local police
  • Take down Car information, licence number
  • Take down persons licence info – birth date, name, licence no
  • Take down insurance details
  • Take down witnesses details
  • Ring their Insurance Company on the spot
  • Ring Acorn – 0800 022 676 – If need a courtesy car & live in Australia or Auckland New Zealand

With the checklist it’s just a guide to help those that would like to use it to remember what to do, might be handy in your wallet, for that just in case moment. Choose at the time what you would use from the checklist and what you would, as every situation is different.
The first two are self explanatory and most do this anyway, to ring the local police would call for what the situation is, if someone is injured, one of the party’s gapped it (left the accident site without stopping etc), if they have no insurance.
If they have insurance I would personally ring them right with the person there, so you can pass the phone to them and they can tell there insurance company right there and then what happened and grab the claim number straight away so no headaches latter on -(if they oppose to that I would have a red flag). If you do this you wont need to involve the police unless someone is injured, there is a time limit that the police need to be told about an accident and weather someone was injured in –  for insurance details you might want to carry a list of free to call numbers of different insurance company’s. When taking down car details, get the name of the person that owns the car, the name of the person that was driving the car, licence number.
When taking down driver licence details – name, birth date, licence no, type of licence.
Take down witnesses details, so if any witnesses grab their name, telephone number and if they had a car maybe grab car number plate just in case if info is written down wrong. – but if police are coming they will grab all that and have a record if needed.
If your car is undriveable and your not at fault, and the at fault person has insurance and you live in Australia or Auckland New Zealand, give Acorn Rentals a ring they will see if they can help you out with a like for like model car meaning if you have a Ute, or a mini van they will try to give you a Ute or mini van so that you can get around with as less stress in this situation.

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