Natural Little Healing In A Jar

Natural Little Healing In A Jar

When your little it seems that Grandparents always had these little wonders of jars that by miracle they fixed you up quick smart stored away just for when you had a accident or when you were sick, they had the right answers at the right time.

When your older it seems the market place is flooded with things that say they will fix you up just like you remember, but are just not the same, they seem to be laden in chemicals, when your looking things with no Chemicals, as what your Grandparents used is no longer available.

When I saw this little gem nicked named A little “Ambulance In A Jar” with no Nasty Chemicals, six out of the nine ingredients are Organic, and the other three are 100% Natural, that is known to heal

-Bites & Stings
-Rashes & Itches
-Cuts & Grazes
-Wounds & Burns
-Dry & Cracked Skin
-Bruises & Inflammation

100% Natural Ingredients, including (*Organic):
Hemp Seed Oil*
Apricot Kernel Oil*
Carrot Oil
Calendula Oil*
Lavender Oil*
Manuka Oil
Kanuka Oil
NZ Beeswax*
Manuka Honey*


I’ve asked the doctors if they can give me products that are Natural and they basically laugh that they can only prescribe what is in their data base which is attached to the chemist.

When you have kids that always get bites from strange things, and infections, cuts and all sorts, it seriously feels like some weeks and months we live at the doctors going in and out like a revolving door, just sitting there for hours on end to get creams and stuff.
So I think this will need to become a stable in our household cupboard to be on hand.

Sounds like it can even help with tight muscles this defiantly has to come into our house hold.
From being in pain for years and going for scans and being told to basically suck it up as they couldn’t find anything wrong with me and that my pain wasn’t as bad as what other people suffer from, to finding out only this year that it was tight muscles, I did dry needling which helped to un-tighten them and follow up with Pilates to strength the muscles, but this will be nice when they become a little stubborn especially the lovely It band which can get really painful when sore –  that’s the muscle running from your thigh to your knee.
If you have ever sprained a muscle or broken a bone, and that niggle pain that can come and go, can sometimes be caused from tightened muscles, as they can not be seen on the scans.
Put some cream on do a deep rub, then put a warm wheat bag on for about 10-20 mins beautiful.

I’ll follow up with a post when we give it a whirl, but in the mean time if you would like to give it a whirl, you can grab it here – Note – It’s only available for delivery within New Zealand and Aussie.    

Thank You for Stopping by and reading our Posts, would love to hear if you have used The Hemp Farm’s Kanuka Healing Balm before and how it went for you.

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