The One Thing You Might Not Know About Baby/Child Car Seats

There maybe one thing that you may not know about a baby/child’s car seat until you go to sell it to a second hand place or on Facebook and someone mentions it to you.

I felt utterly sick when I found this on Christmas Eve just gone, through a Facebook buy and sell group, I just thought the person was pulling the person’s leg, until they said what to put in to Google to find the information.
what if…… but the thing is none of the what if’s happened, and now I knew so it was time to do something about the car seats.
The police when they stop you never tell you or check, when you purchase the seats the sales people never tell you, and it’s not in the car seat manuals either.

So what I’m I going on about?
Did you know that car seats only have a limit life time of  6 – 10 years depending on the manufacturer of the car seat.

When you purchase the car seat aome of the car seats have a big sticker on the side – the one that the kids normally peel off when they are board, well that sticker has the expiry date of the car seat, a stamp in the plastic.

Why did I feel sick because when I looked at one of the stickers it had expired 4 years before, and we had been putting our youngest in that car seat since he was born when it first expired.
When I’ve been pulled over by police for licence checks, they stick there head around to see if the kids are all buckled in, I’ve only had one, tug on the seat belt on the car that was holding the seat, but none have checked the car seat for expiry.

Never knew they had a expiry but it started to make sense as we had past during organic week car seats in the pile and always wondered why they where not given to Salvation Army or something like that.

When buying a new booster seat, which has no stickers of expiry dates, and reading the manual no mention of a life time expiry.

When buying a second hand car seat be aware that there is a expiry date of the life of a baby/child car-seat.
The second hand shops apparently wont buy a car seat with out the expiry date on it either.

With only a few people knowing this, how come it is not more common knowledge, every parent should know this.
As we kept ours to use for the other kids we had, unaware of the danger as when you go to Plunket they let you know you can get a car seat check, if you’ve been in a accident or just want to get it checked.
Still no mention of a expiry date of car seats.

When Googling – baby car seat expiration dates –  there is so much information about why, how to check etc.

Hope this helps at least one person to keep their Baby or Child safe.


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