Oral Health Check for Adults $60 in Auckland

Oral Health Check for Adults $60 in Auckland

What does $60 get you now days, not much really depending where you shop, but to see a Dentist in Auckland Really?
Well yes and no – because you’ll have three registered oral health professionals with a wide range of experience supervising and supporting students (undergraduate and postgraduate Bachelor of Health Science students) working on you to gain clinical experience under the close watchful eye of expertise’s.

Akoranga Integrated Health at AUT is open to everyone in the community, where you can access their services with or without a referral from your GP, where they take an inter-professional care outlook where the different health care services collaborate and listen to one another and with people that uses their services so they can work on meeting everyone’s needs in the future and learn where they can add changes in Healthcare.

So what does $60 get an Adult Patient – These prices are from when writing/typing this post,(21/02/2017) prices may change in the future.
Full mouth examination, x-rays, hygiene treatment

Additional Services –
$30 Mouth guards
$230 Whitening trays and kit

They also cater for Young Adolescents – Free dental care for young people from 13 – 17 years only.
– $10 Mouth guards.
– Dental fillings for adolescents (from 13-17 years only) – not surer if a cost for this.

Akoranga Integrated Health Clinic – AUT – Does Oral Health Checks –
Akoranga Integrated Health Clinic
AUT North Campus
AD Building, 90 Akoranga Drive
Northcote, Auckland
For further information or to make an appointment – Not surer if you need to live in the North Shore to be able to access these services, but give them a ring and they will be able to let you know.
Phone – (09) 921 9155
Email – aih@aut.ac.nz
Website – www.aih.aut.ac.nz

Akoranga Integrated Health Clinic also offers other Health services such as –
Counselling Psychology
Group Therapy Clinics
Nursing – if you suffer from Arthritis
Occupational Therapy

Where they try to keep their fees affordable for the community, they also have at the reception a form to let you know when research trails are available also if you would like to take part.

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