Other Places In Auckland To Hold A Garage Sale Other Than Your House

Other Places In Auckland To Hold A Garage Sale Other Than Your House

Wanting to sell some unwanted items but dreading random people coming to your house or the neighbors rummaging through your stuff…

Going to the markets in the weekend to sell stuff can be a nightmare especially if you have kids also dragging them, and when are we going every few minutes or if they have a break down kinda scares away any potential buyers, when you need to be at some of those markets before 5am or sleep in the car over night just to make surer you can get a spot to get a chance to sell some items.

You may need to stay for up wards of 7 hours which can be very tiring, you can leave before then but it’s quite hard to leave some of those markets when they get large volumes of people.

Each market has rules also some are more geared at farmers markets, some are just secondhand, some are a mix of both.

Just selling your old stuff, you don’t really want to pay too much for a table/spot either so sometimes a smaller market might be quite beneficial with some tips – If your wanting to sell your stuff
– Take pictures upload to Facebook buy and sell groups a few days before – You can either let people know straight away the market you will be at or you can let it get interaction by letting people ask for where to collect from as this will leave your post higher up in the group where more people can see it.
– Why add to Facebook, so that you are hopefully going to have some products sold before you even get there, and if anyone wants anything held do a time limit of if your not there before 8.30am it’s being sold – example, so that you will still have time to sell items people don’t turn up for. And your not just depending on the market to provide people as that can sometimes end up not selling any products as some of the sellers have been their for years and have a bond with the customers, your bringing in fresh customers that are going to check out your products.

Where can you go for tables $10 and under in Auckland – (At the time of writing/posting)
Otahuhu Market – At the time of writing/posting was $5 a table.
Looks like they hold a market every Saturday 7am – 12pm.
Elim Car Boot Sale – Held on the last Sunday of each month except December – has a different date.
$5 a space, gates open at 5.30am no booking required just turn up, need there before 7am.
Market time is 8am – 11am.
Swanson Station Market – Held first Sunday of every month – Except January
Best to be there before 7am and set up by 7am – no bookings for space are necessary just turn up – $5 a space, you can sell out of your car boot or bring a table, or sell on boxes on the ground etc.
Blockhouse Bay – Massive Garage Sale – Every 2nd Saturday, Ring to book a place, set up before 7am.
Tables provided – 7am – 1pm, $10 a table.

There are many more check out your local area 

There are kid based markets where kids can hire a table to sell their old toys/clothes with you their parent on hand to help if they need it.
Howick Kids Market –  $15 with table provided or $10 for a spot, where you provide your own table.
Re-generated Kids market in Titirangi

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