Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Balancing Family & Life

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Balancing Family & Life

Balancing Family & Life can be hard for everyone no matter how young or old you are.

When your young it’s balancing friends, family, school work & activity’s, when you get older it’s balancing friends, family work & hobbies, when you have a partner or get married it’s balancing a few more family members & maybe some addition of your own (kids), work, your & your partner & kids hobbies, when you get older it’s balancing slowing life down family, friends & hobbies.

The cycle doesn’t stop it’s about lifestyle choices, organization, balancing, learning and finding what works for you.
Some people are better at the balancing act than others, but that’s ok it’s about your journey and how you handle what is thrown at you in your own way.

You may have a plan how your life will go sometimes that plan gets thrown out of the window you can either fight thru the way or just go with the flow (I know easier said than done) and enjoy the ride and when you have kids you can plan all you like but most times they will have other plans for.

Your life, situations will change as you travel your path each time what if you ask yourself what would make me happier it might be spending more time with your family, less time at work, but when you do that money is tighter, then maybe the next question might be, is there alternative way to cutting our costs – which could be where you live, what you buy, or even where you work – these are questions that you and your family would only be able to answer – there is always a solution you just need to find the silver lining in the mist.

If you have passion and desire to make something work you’ll find a way to make things work, it maybe that you need to change things up on how you do some things but it’s like a big giant jigsaw puzzle and sometimes it’s a few tricky pieces that trip you up, but you get it in the end.

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