Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Exercising

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Exercising

Just like everything else exercise is working out what works for you!
What works for someone else and gives them results might just not work for you!
Why? You could have an old injury, pain that triggers when you do certain exercises, haven’t exercised in a long time no routine, time factor, or might have two left feet and hurt yourself when you do anything!

Exercise is finding a balance like the rest of your lifestyle.


  • Finding the right time of day to exercise – only you can determined when that is – if your a morning, late morning, lunch, afternoon or evening person or maybe in break times at work.
  • Finding the right place to exercise – weather at a gym – with people, a park, or at home away from people, a community hall etc…
  • Finding time to exercise – exercise can be as long or as short as you want but depends where your gonna do it.
  •  What type of exercises to do – what ever type of exercise you do you must stretch before hand so you don’t hurt your muscles – even before doing weights! – I know the manly response I don’t need to stretch as I’m stretching my muscles when I’m lifting the weights then next minute, I’m in pain I’ve pulled something  – so maybe try stretching when your repaired and see if that helps.
  •  Finding the right clothes to wear – wear what is comfortable to you
  • What equipment do I use or do I buy – this is really up to you, it depends on what exercises your going to do also – you can do exercises with out equipment also.If we don’t want to exercise we will always find an excuse but the time it takes putting it off and complaining about it, you would of most likely finished an exercise session.Make it fun even if it’s dancing around the room, do things that you know that you come back to day after day and make a routine, start out even if it’s two minutes then add a minute on each day so it’s not so much of a burden or scares the crap out of you to keep putting off exercise.Everyone will look at exercise differently, but I found I didn’t like exercising as I lumped it with Diet, I see diet as starving myself from things I love – Food!Doing a diet I will always go for what I’m not allowed, so peeling it back and finding for me it’s a lifestyle to keep up with family, have energy, learning more on food and what we eat and how that effects our health, not just mine but family’s.Food options, and knowing what to cook and how to cook are important, and making food that family will eat, when you can’t do this, I personally know I loss confidence and don’t want to cook then have that love dislike relationship with food.This is why I believe it’s a whole lifestyle change than just a fad or diet because if we haven’t had these foundations thought or have steered away from them it is a learning curb that can be really hard to change and bring in a new routine.
    What exercises can I do – (these are just some idea’s to get you going)
  • Stretching exercises – Yoga, Pilates, Hip flexors, Squats, Lunges, Foam roller, Stretching band, Tai Chai ….
  • Balancing exercise – Yoga, Pilates, Balancing board, Wake boarding …..
  • Core exercises – Walking, Running, Yoga, Pilates, Swimming, Water walking, Water aerobics, Kayaking, Wake boarding, Weights,
    Cycling, Aerobics, Rowing …
  • Exercises to take weight of your joints – Water exercises – such as Water walking, Water aerobics etc, anther one I like using is a piece of equipment is the air walker, the air pockets take the pressure off your joints while walking.
  • Taking up a hobby that also has a physical side to it also My favorite exercises are the Lumowell range on Youtube, as I can choose my time-limit – videos range from 2mins to and hour plus, and range in fitness level and different exercise ranges, also they have a app you can download on a mobile phone to have a personal trainer – (I haven’t used it before so don’t know what it is like or weather there is a cost.) Also you mostly don’t need equipment and if you do, which is not in many I’ve done is a wall or a step and you can also do targeted area’s that you would like to concentrate more on, or do a total body workout.You can check them out below. (I have No affiliation with Lumowell, I just like and use there exercise routines myself.)

  • Lumowell Pilates 
  • Lumowell Workout
  • Lumowell Cardio 
  • Lumowell Flat stomach 
  • Lumowell Arms
  • Lumowell Chest
  • Lumowell Legs 
  • Lumowell Thighs 
  • Lumowell Butt
  • Lumowell Abs

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