Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Homemade

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Homemade

Making things at home can be time consuming and sometimes cost more than going out and buying it if you know where to get it from.

So why would you want to Make Home?

I quess this Journey that I traveled in 2016 to make more Homemade things, was more out of trying to save money and know what was being put in what I was making and design it how I like by adding other ingredients or taking them out or swapping them to fit our taste.

Which can add to more time and money when your testing and trailing to fit your tastes but also your family’s tastes.
When you get it right, you will have a recipe that you can use, you’ll have a base recipe to be able to change up to suit who ever.
Working with a base recipe is easier than testing a whole lot of recipes then you can change up and add to the base and go off that.

Looking at products you like in stores or what you have at home, looking at the ingredients and playing with measurements to get a base then you could adjust from there.

The choice is yours to buy or do homemade, it may feel like it takes a lot of time to make things, but if your shopping and looking for products that takes up time also, it’s weight up control of what goes into products and making it unique and the satisfaction of making something.

You might find something that was thrown out on the side of the roadside, and you might give it a makeover and renew it’s life, it’s satisfaction and reward of saving something that would otherwise be going to the landfill, now someone can get some use out of it again.

Making your own clothes can add up when buying the tools, everything but when you can design something that is you instead of having to pick something that is generic, or choose the type of material you want to use like hemp (hemp clothes are quite expensive to buy, but buying the material and making it yourself may be a little cheaper – not too surer as I haven’t really looked at the cost of material as I have the items of clothes for sale, as for a non sewer it would be cheaper to buy as I’m mess something up, but I quess if I kept at it I would become better, here’s hoping then it would cost less – when you know what your doing) and also design them how you like, then you’ll have one of a kind piece of clothing, then you wouldn’t have to worry that anyone else would turn up with the same clothes, unless they saw your designs and did it the same as yours.

Making things that we use everyday I think is a lifestyle choice as there are a lot of skills to learn, lots of different tools that need to be used, and a lot of time to balance but as you get used to it, it gets easier and quicker to do, and is also about sustainability as when your making your own products it opens you up to learning different ways, how to save costs, different products, you become more aware of what you eat, what you use on your skin, the way you use things, the effects of what we do on our world.

In 2016 we found and played and played with old recipes so lots of trail and errors, but we were able to finish the year with two base recipes, theirs  a few more we’ll have to add in 2017 –

Homemade washing powder
Christmasy Bliss balls  – Blown up two blenders testing bliss ball recipes – when adding dates, chop them up roughly (as some of the unpitted dates have been missed and still may have pits in them – properly only me that gets them! – add a little of the chopped dates at a time, you may want to take out each small lot after it’s blended up and add the next lot as dates are quite strong for the machines.)

I know not much for 365 days but hey its a start we learnt a lot about different ingredients that  we hadn’t used before like –

Chia Seeds
LSA – Linseed, Sunflower seed, Almonds
Organic Raw Honey
Organic products
Organic Cold Press Coconut Oil
A lot about different herbs
Organic flour

A lot of the products we use I didn’t really know what the differences where and the different tastes, and homemade when done right tastes amazing, fresher and you get left with a lovely smelling house, unless your like me and burns water…

Having homemade items in your home makes it feel more homey and having a whiffing smell of something yummy coming out of the oven is always nice.

your in charge of your lifestyle and you get to choose how you live it…

Thank you for stopping by!
We also hang out from time to time over on Steemit where there are a lot of people that do hand made as their lifestyle and sustainability, lots of tips and tricks and recipes from tried and tested recipes.

Have a Fabulous Day/Night

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