Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Introduction

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Introduction

Reflecting back on 2016 where it has taken us and the path traveled it has been a interesting learning year.
Even being the 31st of December 2016 I’m just realizing that I leave too much things to the last minute then rush around, not finishing everything, and wonder why every year I’m rushing all the time, because I’m not organized, if it’s not priority it will be left till it is priority normally the day that it needs to be done – so already a New Years resolution for 2017 to be more organized, we can add to that list later, we are still only in the Introduction and I’m already looking down the barrel at, at least from 12 -14 more posts and household chores on top to get ready for Russian New Years – which will be another post.

It’s been a year of more in-depth knowledge which things I started to slowly change the years before or ignored popped right up in your face that could not be ignored no more and taking leaps that fear had set in and stopped me in the tracks – ok it took me other 18 years to get up the courage to finally go for my full just passing by the seat of my pants, ok I failed in the first 2 mins, but had a awesome lady that passed me, as I did the same thing three times, didn’t know when going straight through a round about you still have to indicate that your leaving – that’s in NZ by the way.

In no particular order of the road traveled in 2016 but some of them lead from one road to another so I’ll try not to confuse myself so I don’t confuse you too much – I’m great at that.

Packaged Foods
Resolving pain
Natural Remedies
Balancing family and life
BLBM – Big Lips Budget mama
Working from home online
Fear and Procrastination
Marketing – Social media
Products found in 2016
Celebrating a Russian New Years

14 posts to come and that’s just recapping over 2016 and a list growing longer than my arm of things that need to be done inside and out for chores for New Years.

So these might be spread out over the next few days oh and a resolutions post needs to be done and whats coming in 2017 and a few others so I think I’m gonna keep myself busy and you’ll finally have some more blog posts to read inside BLBM.

So lets get a cracking on this recap then we can move forward into 2017……

Thank you for stopping by and hopefully you’ll stick around or come back to check out the posts to follow.
If I don’t get to do a final haere rā (farewell, bye) to 2016, all the best wishes for the 2017 and hope it is a Fabulous one!

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