Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Marketing – Social Media

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Marketing – Social Media

There are so many parts to a Business already, you need a great product, great service but having all these how will your product get notice so you need to Market/Advertise your Business.

You have offline marketing, online marketing and social media marketing.

In this post we are going to chat about social media marketing the Pro’s and Con’s with social media marketing.

Was looking for some stats to back up what I was saying instead of saying a lot, or most, generalizing it, so came across a live stats site about the number of internet users in the world, the numbers just keep rising, you can look at different trends and stats online,  like how many users in different country’s, Internet users, searches etc.
There is 40%+ of the world population using the Internet compared to 1995 was 1% so it keeps growing.

Another site  we came across was chatting about the top 20 Facebook Statistics 2017 which answered a few common questions that we have seen being asked like –
When is the best time to post or advertised?
What day/s have the most engagement ?
With 1.86 Billion monthly users on Facebook it is one of the Social Media sites you do want to have a Business Fan page on to connect with your customers/followers.

With so many Social Media Platforms which ones do you use, how many do you use.
Which ones to use depend on how you want to market and what you are marketing and how you want to interact with your audience.

There’s Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Interaction Marketing, SEO.

Each Social Platform’s have there own advantages, trends change of which social media platform people use these are some top main sites that are used.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook – is a social platform that was started to connect to friends from school sharing posts, photos, comments, which has grown where you can connect to friends and family, Business can sign up thru a business fan page only not a profile and share information about their business, products, sell products and services.
Twitter – is a social platform where you share short tweets with 140 characters, can share pictures, videos, links, to your followers with a limited time visibility before getting buried from others tweeting.
Linkden – is a Business platform where you can connect with other business people, share blog posts, share content.
Snapchat – is a Social platform where you can videos and pictures that self destruct in a few seconds, people can save the picture or video before it destructs. It also has messaging.
Pinterest – is a social platform where you can share pictures from what interests you and sort your interests into boards where you can pin what you like.
Instagram – is a social platform where you can share pictures and videos publicly or privately.
Youtube – is a video platform sharing videos
Google+ – is like micro blogging social platform

Here is a site of over 60+ Social Platforms and Apps which you can check if any of them would be useful.

When getting started it’s a good idea only to have a few social platforms that you keep track of as it can be time consuming keeping them all up and sharing information, choose what would benefit you the most.

Another option if you don’t want to deal with social media yourself you can hire a Social Media manager to look after your social media accounts and take care of them for you to grow your Business on Social Platforms.

We’re going to take a look at two sites in Beta – which they are just getting started, these two are both in the Crypto space and both you can earn a little from using their sites where the ones above you don’t earn unless you buy advertising and selling a product or service, these two you earn from using and interacting on the site as well as ways of advertising and selling products and services.

Warning/Disclaimer –
There is affiliate links on the ADSactly Hits and the Marketers Co-op words.
On Steemit is not a affiliate link but does link to our blog account so you are able to follow us.

ADSactly Hits –
is the first ever social advertising crypto reward network which rewards you for taking action, you can sign up as a member, you also have the option to sign up as an affiliate if you wish too.
What can you do on the site?
You can socialize with friends, family, business partners, with having control over what you see from each of your contacts, their content, video’s etc you can limit what you see – say you follow a friend that you know personal that decides to do videos marketing products or businesses and you don’t want to see that you can turn off the video content for that person, and vice versa.
Every action you take on the site you earn Crypto rewards called AP (Action Point’s) from playing games, sharing content (your videos, posting, sharing), also from doing actions that people will pay you for – like sharing content on Twitter, Facebook, writing up posts, liking a video, visiting a website,following them on a another social media site, purchasing products etc.
This is a open source script made especially for ADSactly Hits which anyone can download and start their own site also – Jointly done by ADSactly Hits and the Marketers Co-op.

is a Content Social site where you can earn cryptocurrency in the way of Steem for people up-voting your content like blogging were you add your own personal work of writings, poetry, vlogs, videos etc.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoyed our post on Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Marketing – Social Media.

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