Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Natural Remedies

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Natural Remedies

I don’t know if it’s just me or when your older and have a family the first point of call if the kids are sick is the doctors then going to the pharmacy to get some medicine.

What happened to the first point of call being from our gardens or even a jar that contains Organic products than out cupboards our of a jar brought from the chemist.

This one was a hard one as it is playing with health, so how I decided to do it is try the natural remedies and if it gets worse or takes more than a few days to get better then off to the doctors.

It’s also about building up our immune system so it can fight these bugs for us also, Everyone takes things different and for different reasons, even though things may be natural, you should research also if it is right for you also, especially if you have continues health problems.

So what I’m gonna do in this post is put some ingredients and product and put how they can help and below some posts that I have come across that go more in-depth…

Ginger – Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, may relieve nausea, Nutrients, Bio-active compounds
Garlic – Antioxidant, Boosts immune, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-fungal
Organic Virgin Cold Press Coconut Oil – Antimicrobial, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidants, Anti-viral
Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother still inside – Antibiotic, Antiseptic
Organic Raw Honey – Antiioxidant, Antibacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-imflammatory
Aloe Vera – Antiviral, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory
Mint – Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial
Lavender – Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory
Rosemary – Improves memory, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial, Aids Digestion, Anti-inflammatory
Turmeric – Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory
Organic Hemp Seed Oil – 3-1 ratio of Omegas 3, 6 & 9  present in hemp seed oil have shown to help:
Help treat ADHD
Reduce symptoms of PMS
Improve post-exercise RECOVERY
For more information on Hemp seed oil there will be a link below, (Just letting you know that it is a affiliate link – meaning if you purchase a product from their site we will receive a commission from your purchase  – does it cost you more clicking an affiliate link – No it doesn’t, it’s a type of marketing that the blogger gets commission only when someone purchases a product, this is the only affiliate link on this post.)
Health Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil

My little treasure trove of information is Steemit being a blogging Platform/Community people blog about what they know, there is quite a few people that know about natural remedies and use them, below is some quick links to some helpful articles, that I’ve come across so far, also you may want to follow us over there also …

Starting Out In Natural Medicine: Part 1- Learning The Lingo
Starting Out In Natural Medicine: Part 2- My Thyroid Journey And Some More Lingo
Herbs medicine of the world
Wildcrafted Medicine: – The Incredible Healing Properties of Aloe Vera
                                 The Incredible Healing Properties of MINT
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of Lavender
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of the Superfood Moringa
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of the Common “Weed” DANDELION
                                  The Super Healing Powers of CALENDULA
                                  The Incredible Healing Powers of LAMB’S QUARTER (with recipe!)
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of HENBIT
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of CAROLINA GERANIUM
                                  The Incredible Super Healing Powers of OREGANO
                                  The Magnificent Healing Properties of the Common “Weed” YELLOW DOCK
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of LEMON THAI BASIL and RECIPE!
                                  The Incredible Power of COMFREY to Heal Wounds & Bones
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of ROSEMARY
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of Lyre Leaf Sage
                                  The Incredible Healing Properties of Cilantro   – you may know Cilantro as Coriander

Abundant health benefits of the tasty Artichoke
The use of vegetables
Top 5 Best House Plants For Improved Air Quality: Extract Toxins While Adding Quality Oxygen To Your Room or House, For Cheap and Easy, Significant Health Upgrades
Apple Cider Vinegar – Better then gold
Coca leaf powder with lime and natural sweetener is the latest smash hit in the smart shop
Beating The Cold And Flu Season Naturally

There are many many herbs and helpful Natural Remedies, Above we listed only a few, and directed you to helpful Blog posts with more information, so we hope that this post was helpful.

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