Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Packaged Products

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Packaged Products

Leading to the road traveled to packaged products, we got here through Hemp, how would Hemp bring someone to packaged foods you might ask?

Well I was searching for hemp products in New Zealand, came across some products on a site, and followed up to find the original site which had a New Zealand lady and her family blogging about chemical free products and also had a online and offline store with ready-made products and also free recipes of the products,  which had the stuff to purchase separability so you could make it yourself – (which I had given up on looking for something like that, as I had reached out to another NZ blogger before that was making their own products and they just ignored me, so I thought it was great that all the information was on her site, and she had some books for sale also, so I brought some Dr Bronners Hemp Castile Soap, and went to trade me to find her books).

Over a few weeks I brought three of her books, one that I nearly finished reading was about packaged foods and the chemicals hiding in our food – But we live in New Zealand, and doesn’t food in packages only have chemicals that are passed for human consumption that are safe, all get checked by the Government right?
We don’t live in America where they have GMO’s and all the chemicals packed in their foods right?

Well the quickest thing I learnt to see what’s in your food – Read the back of the ingredients – if it has chemical words or ingredients you don’t know put back on the shelf.
You’ll find that your shopping trolley will be very empty, the first few times it takes a while picking up products and looking at the backs, but once you know which products are all good it gets easier, but also on that note one product from the same company might be all good with no chemicals, but another product you pick up might be a different type or flavor so it may have chemicals, so check every product even if it’s the same brand of something you normally get.

Not all our food is from NZ now it comes from all over the world, so it needs to keep for long amounts of time, and even fruit and veges from the vege shop, they get picked early and ripens on the way (have found a site that will be opening in February 2017 delivering fresh produce 12 hours after being picked just for your order to your door from Produce Farmers, which cuts out overseas produce travel which can sit up to two weeks or longer getting to the stores, plus the produce farmers getting under cut by the big chain stores.)

Grabbing packaged food is quick and covenant but there is a lot of added products that don’t need to be in a lot of products like Sugar, it’s in nearly everything and if they were to remove all products that contained some form of sugar in it, that would only leave 20% of food products on the shelf’s.

Food coloring’s is a chemical, at the time of when the book was published NZ was using food chemicals that were banned in other countries but were still in our foods,  so I check for food coloring and flavoring and if it’s not natural then i leave the product.
Food should be enough with our flavoring and coloring there is natural ways to do this.

Products that say less sugar or no added sugar doesn’t mean they don’t have any sugar at all, turning the product over and checking the sugar content, someone said to me that it should be less than 15grams of sugar per serving – if more put back, even that sounds like a lot.

I picked up a product that said it was a Cannabis drink –  well Cannabis, Hemp in any food form apart from Hemp seed oil is illegal to consume at this point of time – so knowing this I picked it up to see the ingredients and where it was made – it was made in Aussie, which is illegal to consume any Hemp not even Hemp seed oil – not surer on Cannabis. You might be allowed to make the product but just can’t consume it – I’m not surer on the legal part on that, as I know NZ company’s that make Hemp Nib but it is not allowed to be consumed, but can be put in makeup and health products.
So checking the ingredients I couldn’t understand any of the products they were all like chemical names, and none of them had cannabis in them or Sativa which is another strain of Cannabis – the issue is it could of had Cannabis init for all I know but the ingredients where in English but it was chemical names so it seemed foreign so if you don’t understand it and don’t understand the ingredients if they don’t write in plain English there should be no need to write in chemical forms as most people don’t know chemical names or numbers.
If every consumer did this, it would send a strong message to the company’s they need to be transparent or people will just not buy their products and with so much completion out their they should be transparent and loyal to their customer base.

I noticed going down this road of picking up products I did it on just about everything – ok I didn’t even want to look at the ice-cream I wanted to live in ob-liven with that just for a little longer…..

With even soap, shampoo etc  that in a lot of the soaps they had talc in them, I’m guessing talc stands for talcum powder if that is so I was told when my children where baby’s by a midwife that talcum powder is really bad and shouldn’t use it as it is no good for your lungs and can cause breathing issues,  I looked at the bottle and said but it says right here it’s recommended by Midwifes, and that’s why I brought it, she continued to say that they could of asked one or two midwifes and they said it’s good, and theirs there statement they can use it doesn’t mean it’s been tested or anything.
I have never looked at the ingredients of talcum powder as I looked at the big statement saying recommended by midwifes, so we do need to turn things around and have a look at the ingredients no matter what it says on the front.
With soap, trying to find other alternatives that didn’t cost a lot, and for making soap didn’t have to do the soapification as that kinda scares me,  as lye is still a chemical and things can still go wrong, I’ve searched for soaps without lye and although people put no lye on the videos, for soap you need some sort of lye and some people just grate up other soap and put it in their new batch of soap which has a special name which I can’t remember off the top of my head.
So if you want a soap without lye – (lye is a chemical, but when put in soap and mixed with other ingredients that start the soapification it is then apparently dissolved as a chemical, and is now safe to use through the soapification process – only if this process is done right – some people use a special drain cleaner that has something in it – can’t remember off the top of my head, in soap instead of lye) they arn’t called soap because soapification doesn’t happen without a type of lye so they are called lotion bars and there was another name I came across but can’t remember – the recipe I came across was coconut oil, beeswax and dried lavender, I haven’t tried this yet, nor have looked at other recipes, as one concern is that coconut oil melts on heat -so wondering weather mixing the coconut oil and beeswax together holds that together without melting too fast in heat.

With Shampoo mostly chemicals and the same with dish liquid to get the subs – for the shampoo I tried Aloe vera – I grabbed a leaf from one growing in the garden, cut the green skin all off to expose the gel inside, put some cooled boiled water and gel in the blender, can’t remember the amount of water it wasn’t much maybe a cup. It doesn’t last long you need to use it within a few days or keep it in the fridge.

Asking people that are sustainable what they use to wash the dishes – We use soap on dishes when they actually need it, and mostly rinse with water. We can use a few drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in several gallons of water if we’re weirded out by germs. – Thanks to The Garden of Eden for the Kind Reply!
Someone mentioned to me about a TV program they were watching about I think it was either Japan or Korea not surer which one sorry, were they had like a tank of fresh water with carp fish init, and they put the dishes in there and the carp ate the food scraps, it was like little bits of rice, and they purified the water.

Three more things I learnt – was with ingredients they are put in order of the largest amounts put into the product, I’ve notice of a lot of products the 2nd item is normally sugar.
Second thing was that apparently Aluminum gets put or traces of it is found in a few products we use like toothpaste, deodorant and baking powder – I tried making homemade toothpaste haven’t mastered it just yet, deodorant I found a recipe online and gave it to someone to try and they added baking powder in it, it had a little explosion in the container they left it in – so I reached some more and found three other options – one wearing no deodorant at all – I did try this it takes about a week for your body to regulate, when I exercise I have a shower after wards so normally I don’t really sweat after that apart on really hot days, then I would use a tiny tiny little bit of coconut oil which keeps you very dry under your arms, I just put a little on a teaspoon and place it under my armpits with my fingers.
The other one I tried was baking soda that also kept my under arms dry.
The Third thing is just because something is Organic or natural – the process that has been used to make the end product may not be Organic or Natural – for example Bamboo & Cotton there are natural cottons, or the product may only have a percentage of cotton and other percentage of something else to strengthen it, but even if the product is 100% Cotton or Bamboo they may use chemicals to be able to use it. There are different procedures the product grown may be organic but the procedure may not be to get the end product which can happen with any product really.

With packaged products it’s all about convenience – As consumers we need to be a wear of the ingredients that we are putting into our bodies and also our family’s, with testing and trying to change things can cost more money in time looking through the backs of products, and finding companies that devote themselves to Organic and natural products and even adding fair-trade in their also, because trying to make everything at home yourself can be time consuming and if you don’t know what your doing like me it can be a little harder and also the way things are made.

With going on this journey ourselfs we have found some Company’s that make Organic and Natural Products, that we are able to affiliate with, we have also tried making products at home on a few things that we will like to share later on, by trying recipes from websites online to see if they work, and can give you our review so you can make an informed decision – as we still understand that everyone  has different likes, we want to be able to give our import where we found it easy or difficult so you can look at the recipe and be able to change it and make it to your own taste straight away – with this saving you a little bit of time without having to do more research and money on doing a lot of trials and can be hard trying to do all of that just to keep your family healthy but also balancing family time, work and life and everything in between, so hopefully this can be helpful to even if it’s one person – we can only hope!

Then we could go on about the packaging also as a lot of plastic and plastic bags and other stuff use petroleum in them – Ok I think I’ve board you enough so it may be a topic for another time maybe.

Places where to buy food straight from who grew it or made it is Farmer Markets – normally you are getting product that was only picked the day or night before, but you can see it fell it, smell it and some even put out a trial for you to taste it.

Thank you for Stopping by and reading our post on Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Packaged Foods we hope this was at least a little bit helpful and or insightful.

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