Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Working from home online

Reflecting back on the path traveled in 2016 – Working from home online

Working online has been just over a three year journey of trailing, testing and a whole lot of error especially if you don’t know where to begin or don’t know the computer or in our case both.

There is so many factors, hopefully we can try and break down how things to make it a bit more easier!

Over the years and we were the same when we came online we were looking for a job, that we did a task and got paid for doing it, if it was being a game tester, marketing for companies, sending emails, doing surveys, answering calls etc a lot of these were aimed more in America than other countries, or if you could find them world wide they ended up not paying you or the pay was very low with a limit on task you could do, and you would need to bring others in so you could earn a few more cents from them doing the tasks also, but many fell off as they didn’t want to be earning a few pennies for their time.

With people wanting jobs a lot that was being offered was Businesses where you needed to purchase a kit then bring in others into the business or sell the products which contained a fee to get into the business, then monthly fees of buying the product, with some of the businesses limiting the way you promoted and could take your independent business away from you if there where complaints from other independent business owners that saw you do a “mistake” and yes this happened a lot.

So how do you not waste time and money online?

This comes down to you asking your self a few questions.
1) Do I want to work for myself or someone else?
2) How much computer knowledge do I have?
3) Am I willing to learn new skills?
4) What are my skills, interests, hobbies, & or passion?
5) How many hours do I have available & what time of day are they?
6) How do I want to earn – Off my own work or Off my own work and others work?

People come online for many different reasons, a lot say they come online for freedom – time freedom, financial freedom – but it’s like when you finish high school & choosing do I go get a job, do I study or have a gap year, why is online like this because we always need to learn things, it takes time so do you choose a online job, a online business, study or have a gap year.
When you start your first job you start at the beginning on minimum wage learning as you go and waiting for the .25 – .50 cent pay increases each year or even $1 if your lucky so if you’ve been in a job lets say 20 years and you started on $14 an hour and got a .50 cent pay increase each year that would be $24 an hour after working for 20 years – not surer how realistic that is for one – does everyone get a pay increase every year?

With online with posts that we have seen they have been of people that had been in need of something straight away, that they lost their job or hours cut, unexpected bills came in, cash is needed straight away.
Like with a job, business offline it takes time the same goes for online their is no magic fix, but you may get lucky you never know.

More questions based off  the questions asked above?

Work for myself                                                          
1) Do I want to offer products or a service?
Solution options – A product can be a physical product or a computerized product like computer software, an ebook, digital currency, games, apps etc. Services can be like webdesign, consulting, videos, marketing, writing etc.
2) What type of products or service to offer?
Solution options – Find what you are passionate, knowledgeable about as that will shine thru to your customers
3) Your own Business/start up vs a ready going business?
Solution options – Business startup is a business you are starting up from the ground, a ready business online could be MLM, Network marketing, Independent business owners – a business you don’t own but can have permission to be apart of to advertise and sell the business and their products normally for a fee plus monthly fee’s and sale requirements and normally need to bring in other People to earn.
Affiliate marketing – advertising and selling other company’s products for a commission, this is normally no charge to do join the platforms or join the company’s but you will need to have social media accounts or a blog depending on the requirements.
4) What skills do I need to go further?
Is there some business skills, marketing, website design, emailing that you would like more knowledge on or even where to begin.
A free course site with over 750 courses might have something that may help with gaining some knowledge. – diplomas certificates cost to get and some of the other certificates may cost also, you will still be certified if you pass without the certificates.
5) Whats my budget vs start up costs?
Costs can vary in business just like anything, how much funds you have to get going can effect what gets done first or how you do things.
6) Do I need to employee people or freelance tasks?
Do you need full time/part time employees to pay each week or can you hire freelances to do certain jobs or tasks when you need them done at the lower costs of employees.
7) Can you manage your time and organize?
You need to be a self starter, be able to use your best friend Google to ask questions or be able to find the information you need,  manage your time, organize yourself. With a job you have someone else telling you what needs to be done, with your own business, you need to figure that all our and do your own tasks.
Setting time limit for tasks so you don’t spend to much time on one task, and remember to take breaks also set a time limit for how long you want to work each day as you can spend long hours online and sometimes end up not achieving much.
8) What are my skills, interests, hobbies, & or passion?
We have been told this is a silly question, but we don’t think so – because if your going to spend money and go into or start a business shouldn’t you do something that enjoy, love, have passion for as that shows and that will attract people to your business vs just going into a business because it will make a ton of money and it’s a common product as you will find that is a saturated market with lots of people with the same mind set and those that survive are those with passion/love for their craft that shows through in the product, marketing, packaging.
9) What type of business do you want to set up?
A full fledged business with employees, do you want to freelance or contract yourself out.

Tips – 
Talk to people that have a business ask them questions like – (these are just examples)
How did they get started?
What would be one thing they would tell their newbie self from the knowledge that they know now?
If they had to do it all over again what would they change?
How long did it take to break even?
How long did it take for them to have a successful business?
How long have they been in business?

Business can take any length of time to get off the ground, I remember reading an article about a NZ company that had been going for 8 years and they still hadn’t broken even yet, but they believed in what they were doing and had the passion and love for it to continue on. Sometimes the journey, movement, vision is more important than money.

Working for someone else –
1) How much computer knowledge do I have and are you willing to learn new skills?
If your wanting to work online you will need computer skills with so many different software out there company’s want people that are knowledgeable in what they are using – here’s over 750 free courses you can go through and see what will help you out to get the skills you need. – diplomas certificates cost to get and some of the other certificates may cost also, you will still be certified if you pass without the certificates.
2) How many hours do I have available & what time of day are they?
Be realistic with your self how much time you have available to work and when you can so that you don’t feel stressed if you can’t do it or complete things.
3) The skills you have to offer can you freelance?
Freelancing is offering your services out like a babysitter putting their services up at the supermarket, they can control when they can take on a customer, when and how long, and how much for they negotiate, but you can have many places to advertise like website platforms for freelances, tasks etc.

What is out there to earn online?  (In no order at all)

  • MLM -Multi Level Marketing
    Where you earn from two revenue streams – one from selling products directly to consumers from relationships, referrals and word of mouth, the other way of earning is recruiting others into the business which both these ways are commission based.
    MLM is illegal in some countries so do research were you can do this.
  • Network Marketing
    Has the same definition as MLM – but it depends on the company and their policy’s for MLM and Network Marketing as they can be different. As some Network Marketing company’s will let you advertise online and how ever you like, you can choose weather you want to earn by selling products for a commission or by earning extra by recruiting others but you can earn with out having recruits where in MLM you need to have Recruits to earn from the company and the need to bring others for them to earn and they need to be purchasing every month etc. With network marketing it may be free to join but you may need to purchase products each month so you can earn your commissions. – This all depends on the Company as each on is different in MLM and Network Marketing.
  • Direct Sales
    is selling directly to customers not in a fixed retail store like door to door sales,  party planing, one-on-one demonstrations
  • Affiliate Marketing
    Where a Business rewards one or more people for advertising them or their product bringing customer, or sales depending on the agreement. Also with Affiliate marketing depending on the Business, you can have only a limited number of days to earn a commission from the customer you brought to them, normally around 30 days, after that 30 days the business doesn’t give you any more commissions from that customer that you brought to them as they are now on their list.
  • Trading
    is markets like Forex, Binary, Cryptocurrencys where you watch charts, gather news where you buy a stock, unit asset and try to sell it higher or you can do other way by saying if you think something is going to go up or down. There are different types and ways to trade.
  • Importing
    Getting products from Wholesalers or Factory’s and bringing them into another country and selling them.
  • Drop-shipping
    Is where the store doesn’t hold the product, they advertise the product when it is sold they buy from a third party like a wholesaler and  the wholesaler sends it directly out to the customer.
  • Blogging
    Writing posts about all sorts of things or certain subjects but how can you earn from blogging – there are different ways, like adding ads to your website/posts and when someone clicks on it you earn a little bit of money from it, Affiliate marketing – adding links to products or drop-shipping. Charging people for advertising space on your website.
    You could also use blog platforms that may pay you for your posts by up-votes etc.
  • Vloging
    is like a video diary just like blogging but done in a video format.
  • Consulting
    People on things you know, could be you help business grow, help people earn money, teach something.
  • Freelancing
    Offering a service for a fee
  • Marketing/Advertising
    Getting Business more leads or sales by promoting them
  • Social Media Managers
    Handling Business social media accounts and letting their followers, customers know what they are up to, and get them more followers, sales and more well known and talked about online.
  • Translating
    Do you know another Language you could translate English into another language or another language into English for Businesses
  • Investing
    Into Company’s, stocks, shares where you can earn a little income back from your investment when they make money.
  • E commerce
    Selling products online which could be from your own Website, Trademe (NZ Site), Ebay, Amazon, Esty, Open Bazaar etc.
  • Content Marketing
    a type of marketing that involves the creation and sharing of online material (such as videos, blogs, and social media posts) that doesn’t really promote a business brand where the focus is more on getting the awareness of the businesses products or services.

As we have trialed and tested a few businesses online, and the sad fact is 95% failed they are no longer here.
What can we pass on to give you some heads up –

  • Stay away from the hype of a new business, go in clearly and remember the first two – three years of any business is the make or break time. A saying that we have heard online is come back to me in two years if the Business is still going then we might take a look. Some Businesses may just be coming out in the public but have been behind the scenes for a few years where they may have had some hurdles to get over – research the people involved, you will be able to hopefully get a idea of the character of the people behind it.
  • Your going to make millions of money overnight – when someone says that run the other way – be realistic things take time look at what percentage you get back from your investment and in what timeline if it’s a high return and not that long think very hard – The Golden rule – Only Invest what you can afford to loss – so if you can’t afford to lose $100, $1000, and so on don’t invest.
  • Before investing ask to talk to the Owner/Founder of the Business, if they wont let you or they say that’s not normal, or your asking too much or We didn’t get to talk to them – leave it don’t go any further if people want you involved they will get you the Owner/Founder and shouldn’t you have a right to talk to them if you are investing or buying or representing their company, you want to know who you are dealing with. Yes I understand they have hundreds if not thousands of people even if it’s on a skype or a call with others where new interested people can talk to them and ask questions you can hold up to 1000 people on a video conference call. So you can see that there is a real person and you can get your questions answered before joining. There are some Company’s (not many) that do this or you can ring them and speak to them and they are happy to answer your questions.
  • Find out if you need to pay a fee to get in, a monthly fee, buy products all to earn – ask as many questions as you can so then you can decide what fits for you

There is so many in’s and out’s we didn’t learn them all over a year, so what was our journey in 2016 it was being able to identify form what we had learnt were we wanted to be what we could use with our business what products we wanted to look at which steamed from relationships we had formed which from this relationships we were able to bounce business idea’s and how to do things which we will let you know about their services and products in the review section as it saved us from ripping down our site down once again to were we are finally happy with the direction we are going and learning about which we will be able share.

Thank You for stopping by we hope you have a Fabulous Day/Night.

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