After school/weekend activity’s,clubs,groups for kids in Auckland

After school/weekend activity’s,clubs,groups for kids in Auckland

Trying to get kids in after school and weekend activity’s,clubs,groups can be expensive but what are the options so everything can be weight up.

Kid/s always want to do what their friends are doing so they don’t feel left out, but sometimes it’s not for them, also sometimes they may like the idea of an activity but don’t realize what it entails, or they just don’t know what they would like to do,  so doing trails first instead of full enrollments straight away may help if that option is available.
These are more idea’s that can be used in Auckland but also may apply  around New Zealand and even some of these over seas also.

We have put website links where we can, some are for that area, some are based for all of New Zealand where you can find your local area inside their websites, and some are just ideas that you could do as a family or take the child/ren after-school or in the weekends as a activity once in a while or try different ones.

Community Center/House  –
In some area’s they have local Community center’s, house, or hall (depending what it’s been named), were people can rent out the whole place, a room or part of it and hold activities or events.
Some of these have different classes depending on who rents them and their talents that they have –
some I’ve seen are after school sewing for 9-12, and another one for teens, art classes, unicycle classes, play groups for different languages, music, card groups, yoga, parenting classes, dance class, math, english, etc.
These can range from $2 to about $12+ a class, depends on how many people they can teach, bookings, and weather they will cover costs of materials, time, room rental etc.
Contact your local one and see what they have to offer for your child/s age group.

Local Swimming Pools
Depending on the size of your local pool and what they rent out to people, some can offer other options just than learning to swim like diving lessons, water polo, martial arts, gym training, water volley ball, etc.
Contact your local pool to see what is on offer for your child/s age group.

Local Pony Club
Here are some Pony Clubs in Auckland with their websites to see what is local to you, it can be fun just to take the child/ren out just to watch what they do on show days to see if it sparks an interest.

– South/East Auckland
Clevedon Pony Club
Pointways Pony Club
–  Alfriston – this link will take you to their Facebook page. 
Manukau District Pony Club Is Three Branches –  Clevedon Pony Club, Totara Park Pony Club, Beachlands

– Central Auckland
St Heliers Bay Pony Club
Waiheke Island Pony Club
Meadowbank Pony Club

– West Auckland
Massey Pony Club
Te Atatu Pony Club
Henderson Valley Pony Club
Whenuapai Pony Club

– North Shore
Rosedale Pony Club – Albany
Chelsea Pony Club – Glenfield
Coatesville Pony Club
Greenhithe Pony Club
North Shore Pony Club
Wainui Pony Club

Skill Building Groups/Clubs –
Your child/ren might already know what they want to do in the future so how can you give them a taste of whats to come so they can go in knowing what they are getting themselves into or maybe it might be for skill building or maybe some structure.

With living in New Zealand and being surrounded by bush and sea it’s a great idea for kid’s to have the skill sets to have fun in both these environments but also be prepared for what the environment can throw at these environments also.

Girl Guides 
Pippins age 5-6 years old, Brownies age 7 – 9 an a 1/2 years old, Guides 9 – 12 an a half years old, Rangers age 12 an a half  – 17 years old, Leaders 18+
Different Groups for different age girls, where there is different levels of skills taught and collecting badges from subjects they have learnt about – from first aid, camping, survival, cooking, health, art, music, caring about – family, friends, community, environment  etc.

Scouts used to be the boy version of Girl Guides but not any more as girls can join now also.
Scouts has five age group levels – Keas – school years 1-3, Cubs – school years 4 – 6, Scouts – school years 7 – 10, Venturers school years 11 – 14, Rangers ages 18 – 26
Different Groups with challenges and adventures designed for that age group.
St Johns
Military Cadets – Army Cadets, Air Force Cadets, Navy – Cadet Forces – consists of  Sea Cadet Corps, Cadet Corps, Air Training Corps.

Sea Scouts
Sea Scouts is a branch of Scouts that uses the New Zealand location to focus most of their time on maritime activities, safety and fun, they also do some land activity’s of camping and tramping.

St Johns Youth (Cadets) –
Your thinking of Ambulance right?
St Johns is teaching kids from 6 -18+ years old about first aid, how to be safe, what to do in an accident when someone is injured – how to act and get them prepared for what they may come across and be able to help others, health care, life skills.  Great for every child but really great head start for those that know they want to be doctors, nurses, or just want to help others, or even Westpac Helicopter, it’s good to be first aid prepared as it helps in any work place to have it.
St Johns also has structure of parades also, so they have a mixture of structure, fun and learning all rolled into one.
It is also one of the cheaper ones being $10 a term ($40 a year) for the first family member, then $5 a term ($20 a year) for each additional family member plus $50 non refundable contribution for the uniforms for each member plus additional for camps, activities etc which are normally if you can go cool, if you can’t also cool – might depend on each base though but have a chat with them if it is money stopping the kids going, as sometimes there may be an option.
Penguin 6 – 8 years old, Cadet 8 -18 years old, Youth Leader 18+

Military Cadets 
Are you thinking Army, Navy, Air Force – Yes you would be right but for Teenagers where they can get a taste of what it would be like if they took this path, or maybe just for some structure and to learn some skills.
Kids that want to be Police, Airline pilots, Helicopter Pilots more tend to join the Air Training Cadets.
Kids that want to be Ship Captains, Sea work more tend to join the Sea Cadets.

New Zealand Cadet Forces   – To check your local Cadet Force

All three are supported by the New Zealand Defense force.
Each Cadet Force is different and learns different skills, they do open days so you can go with your child and see what is like.
They do let you know that parents please don’t force your kids to do it, they only have a limited number of spaces and only want kids that really want to be there to learn these skills.
They don’t need to want to go into the Force, but just want to learn what is going on in cadets as a lot of kids do drop out after the first camp of early morning wake up and drills for two days – this is the hardest weekend for them.

To join Kids need to be either in year 9 at High School or 13 years old. Most kids that join are aged 13 -15 years old.

Circus Training/School/Art/Lessons 
Your thinking colored wigs, big red shoes, big nose riding on little bicycles on a high wire, or rolling from fabric up from the ceiling  & juggling – Well No & Yes.
Well yes for rolling from fabric up from the ceiling (don’t worry they don’t go to high when learning) & juggling & a whole lot more like – Tumbling, Handstand, Contortion, Solo Juggling, Aerial Straps, Aerial Lyra, Aerial Hammock, Aerial silk, Single and double Trapeze, Aerial cradle, Duo Adagio, Group Skipping, Aerial straps, Trampoline etc.

Flip n Fly 
Got invited to a Birthday Party at Flip n Fly in Eden Terrace hadn’t heard of it before, didn’t know these sort of classes/lessons where around, was getting informed what they were going to do there, so watched a few videos first on their website to know what we were getting ourselves into first.
Bayaraa and Baya were amazing, the Birthday party had the whole place to themselves and they taught the kids so many tricks, even go them all to stretch and exercise first, they showed the kids first what to do then the kids followed.
When you have one child that wasn’t interested and by the end didn’t want to leave and was demanding we better come back, then a few more chiming in we need to go back (you know it hit the right spot with the kids) opps haven’t gone back yet.
They do Private Classes, Work shops, Birthday parties, After school classes, Class trips.
Great for a team building exercise or a work function for something a little different.

Is a Circus Theatre Company for Kids and Adults were they teach a range of circus skills for Beginners, Intermediate and above, during the weekend, after school and during school holidays based in Penrose, where they also do Theatre, School and Corporate bookings also.

React Aerial Circus Classes 
Aerial classes over in the North Shore each lesson is 1.5 hrs and max up to 6 people per class.
There are beginner (flexibility abilities, shoulder strengthening and the basic techniques of Silks and Hoop/Lyra), Intermediate classes (Hoop and Trapeze, Static Trapeze, Acro and Rope as well as Silks and Hoop).
There is also men contouring classes available.
They also do Corporate Events, Parties & Festivals.

Rock Climbing   
Do you have a child/ren that climbs up everything why not let them loose in a rock climbing place, where they have harness and can test their climbing skills.

Extreme Edge
Pamure, Glen Eden, Hamilton – this one looks like real fun with an Adventure land for kids where the theme is Private ships, wobbly bridges, a tree house – if busy the age will be restricted to 5 years old and under, but it looks like there is other walls for older kids to climb to keep them busy.
They also hold Birthday Parties.

Clip ‘n Climb 
Mount Eden/Balmoral – Climbing for all ages, they recommend bookings for Weekends and school holidays.
They do Birthday parties, Schools/Parties & Fundraisers.
The climb is 1 hour, with 34 different walls, and 2 different attractions the leap or faith and the vertical drop slide.

MT Eden Quarry Rock Climbing   
This one looks more for people that know how to climb than little kids, maybe teenagers and adults that are experienced with rock climbing maybe, but check it out and make your own decision.
To climb these two sides available the long side and the short side you need to ring Auckland Grammer to gain permission to use these walls.
Heights range from 6 metres – 20 metres
Grades 11 – 30

Auckland University
This is also open to the public, Who can use it – Grades 10 – 25 –  (15 years plus)

Birkenhead Pool and Leisure Centre –
All ages climbing walls with  5m & 8m vertical and overhang top rope, 216 sq.m lead climbing wall with 6m overhang, as well as a  8m.
Can also be hired for birthday parties with an instructor.

Climbing ropes with different skill levels.

Rocket Ropes 
With over 50 activities with rope course for different age groups, everyone can enjoy a course for their age and skill level based at Airport Oaks next to Butterfly Creek.
There is low rope courses for 2 – 6 year olds.
They do birthday parties, work events, team building, school trips.

Tree Adventures
Day out in Woodhill forest to let the little monkeys do what they do best have fun climbing & fly.
With 10 courses, 3 – 14 meters, 110 high wire activities, 18 flying foxes with age and time limits on each course and a height restriction, best to check out their website before you head out to make sure it will appeal to your kids and their skill level and to see if they have any announcements of specials or traffic delays.
They also cater to School groups, Team building & Birthday parties.

Bike & BMX Tracks 
Kids love riding around on their bikes, but with small amounts of space for kids to ride in suburbia where can they go and some parks not allowing bikes.

Places that little kids can ride there bikes. 
BMX Tracks
Mountain Bike track in Woodhill

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you liked some of our idea’s we know there is much more, but we hope this will get your idea’s flowing also.

We also hang out over on Steemit, where you can follow us also.

Have a Fabulous Day/Evening!


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