Six Tips for Wholesale/Factory Shopping

Six Tips for Wholesale/Factory Shopping

When I say wholesale shopping I normally get a weird look, when I explain it people are like oh OK.
So what is wholesale shopping in my book (both of these can both be classed as factory shopping also), it’s going to either the Company that directly makes/supplies/imports products in and cutting out the middle man like stores – (when you buy directly from the person making the product it’s called peer to peer selling).
The other one that I class as wholesaler shopping which is actually Factory shopping, – is buying from a middle man – store that specializes in bulk buying – and not any bulk buying – buying end of lines, overstocks, liquidated products, season change overs, which can be a variety of products from food, clothes, basically anything they can get their hands on cheap and can resell making a profit. – (some specialize in different areas than others – some might do more towards food, some might just do mostly clothes, some might do a mix, and some are cheaper than others all depending on their buying power).

These are places open to the public, which some might put a ban or restrictions on businesses like dairy’s, cafe’s, retail stores, in-trade, etc coming in and buying up the products or some of the products to resell at a higher price.

How can you save money from these places –
– left over products from a retail stores order that fell through – If they are like a meat factory that makes up orders for the supermarkets or a restaurant, then they change their order to less, they have left over stock which they need to sell quickly and if no other stores want to order extra, it goes in the Meat Factory’s on site store to sell at a discount to the public to get rid of it. So your saving money picking it up cheaper from the wholesaler than what you pay in the store in most cases (still check prices as sometimes not many if the supermarket has done a huge bulk order they can sell at a better price.)

– Not paying full price for a product – The only time I’ve noticed that people don’t mind paying full price is if they have no other option, like no one else has that product, or it’s just come out and they can’t wait they want it or they can’t be bothered shopping around – still doesn’t mean they are happy to pay it, but it’s a choice you personally need to make – can you wait or do you have to have it to move on with life.

General Tips for Shopping – 

1) Eat before you go shopping, don’t go hungry, take snacks, water with you.
Why? – because when your hungry you’ll buy more, and normally buy more packaged/prepared food or fast food to eat on the run.
2) Have a list & stick to that list
Why? – so you don’t buy products you don’t need or wont use which means your spending and wasting money.
3) Have a cash budget for all your shopping
Why? – When you have cash on hand and know that is your limit you will stick to it & buy only what you need and can afford, but if you shop with a credit card you will buy things you don’t really need and blow your budget out of the water.

My Tips for Shopping at Wholesalers, Factory’s for the first time –
1) Have your list & a pen or if your tech savvy your cell, iPad etc in hand
Why? – to check what you need, and to write down prices next to what you need.
2) When you walk in, if they have a trolley or basket don’t grab one
Why? – your going window shopping first to check out the prices and products first to see if they fit your needs & are cheaper than what you normally pay for those products.
3) Walk slowly take it all in, try not to get excited about prices and products, if you see things you like write down the product & price.
Why? If you walk to fast you’ll miss things, and then when you come back in, you will impulse buy – this also goes for
getting excited, as you will buy more when it’s cheaper, but at the check out it all adds up and you can blow out your budget.
4) Check dates & best before’s
– so your not buying out of date products, and you can see weather you will use it within that date.  
5) When you’ve walked around all the wholesaler, factory and written down your prices etc, walk out.
Why? to get a clear head, add up your numbers, to see if it fits your budget, if not figure out what you need and what can till the next shop.
6) Walk back in when your ready, grab a trolley or basket and enjoy your shop.

Warning and Disclaimer – 
If you put on extra weight from wholesale, factory shopping Big Lips Budget Mama is not at fault.
Please check what you buy, how you eat it etc.

So why would I tell people about Wholesale/Factory shopping –
To help people to save money that are really struggling to feed their family’s, the struggle is real.
But at the end of the day what we all buy and put in our mouths and our family mouths is our decision which can have consequences for wrong food choices.
Common sense is a must when shopping and I know that fly’s out the window most days, but I’m gonna leave you with a saying                                                                      
“you are what you eat”

If your in Auckland, you might want to check out these Wholesalers, Factory Shops open to the public.

Thank You for stopping by and reading, we would love to hear your feedback, or even some of your tips.
Have a Wonderful Day/Evening.


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