Taking control of Acne

Taking control of Acne

Taking control of Acne which most people in some stage of their life time will suffer from can cause self esteem/Confidence issues.
We get Acne from producing too much oil called sebum that lubricates our hair and skin, from producing too much it blocks our pores which can start producing bacteria which when gets blocked causes redness and swelling, to start the being of acne.

With having people around that have acne, and introducing Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 100% Cert Organic and Fair Trade as a new stable in the pantry, which has anti bacterial and anti fungal property’s in it and also helps with balancing hormones which can be one of the causes of Acne.

We decided to see if it would work on Acne, (the pictures I took at the start were not very clear, and then we staggered it over two weeks only using it about 5-6 times during this time.)
Even not using it fully have we seen results – yes, we noticed after the first day a little, that it started to change the color on some of the Acne, one was a green color that after the first day had changed color, on others the tiny tiny little ones where smaller.
Over the two weeks, we noticed them not to be so red and the height of the acne had calmed down.

We did want to do a 7 day in a row trail to see what would happen, but on day two we forgot to put it on and the third day, so we will get posting up dates when we do this.
As we do see the results from when we have used it.

As we forget to put it  on, and as at the start it was hard to put it on some of the people as the thought of putting oil on their skin was very off putting,(it does dry on your skin, if you put a bit too much it will take a bit longer to dry, giving that oil look for a little longer till it drys off) as Acne is caused because of oil, so fighting Acne with oil sounded a bit insane.
After managing to get it on a few times and the results showing, we have learnt yes it needs to be done everyday, for faster results, and you don’t need to use so much, as when you scoop it out, you use a teaspoon, you don’t need much at all, depending on how much you will be covering, just for the face, not even the size of a pea, as it’s hard (solid) in the jar, as soon as you put it on your skin it melts, from the heat of your skin, so it spreads a fear way.

You can use Coconut as like a moisturizer, but if have Acne, or skin infections, I would personally use a bit to cover them first then wash your hands again, then do the rest of the skin, with trying not to wipe over the infection part, to try and not spread infection.

For Hormone imbalance take internally half to 1 teaspoon a day of Coconut Oil – you can eat it right off the spoon, or put it in a smoothie, drink. If you bake or fry with it you might not want to use as much as 1 teaspoon.

Using Coconut Oil for us was to be able to limit the chemicals we use, and find other alternatives provided by nature.
Not all Coconut Oils are the same, I have tried another brand of Coconut Oil before and didn’t realize what the difference was, until doing some more research and also trying  this Coconut Oil –
Being – Extra Virgin – means it can be cooked with – fry, bake as it can take a higher temperate.
– 100% Certified Organic
– Cold Pressed – this one is cold pressed from fresh coconuts within one hour of the coconuts being opened. – this apparently is very special as leaving the coconuts to dry apparently alters the quality and taste.
– Fair Trade eco-product
– Raw and unrefined
– Not fermented
– Not hydrogenated
– No trans fats.
– Long shelf life – refrigeration not required

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Thank You for Visiting, hopefully this was helpful, we would love to hear your thoughts or your experiences using Coconut Oil, by leaving a comment below.
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