Tips On How To Survive On A Budget In Auckland

Tips On How To Survive On A Budget In Auckland

With house prices predicted to hit an average sale price of One Million in 2017 what does it mean for Rent, Food, Clothes, Electronics and everything else in-between then if your raising a family it feels like a rock and a hard place so how can anyone survive the rat-race in Auckland?

1) Don’t buy retail – where you can
2) Don’t pay full price where you can
3) Buy Hemp Products where you can
4) Don’t use credit cards or loans
5) Buy whole foods – where you can
6) Grow foods – where you can
7) Buy quality over quantity

Ok we know it’s not a mainstream way of thinking it sounds like the weirdest thing, and your gonna say I don’t have time to run around looking for specials which will cost me more time and money just trying to find specials – Yes you are correct to this – But what if you know where to buy that normally has specials.
But I don’t have time, transport, or money to be going to these places – what if you were told of places offline and online (online places delivering) then you could use what was good to you?

What is Hemp isn’t that a Drug – Nope it’s not a Drug, it’s not a man made drug it does have a small percent of THC in it just a little – what if I told you it was the Cousin/Sister (whatever another strain of Marijuana, Green, Dope – Whatever you call it) that if you smoked it you would get a headache not sure why you would want to smoke hemp when you could use it to build a mold free & Fire resistance (when adding lime to the hemp crate) house out of it, make curtains, flooring, bedding, cabinets etc, Clothing that is breathable,Skin Care, Fuel, Medicine, Plastic that is bio degradable, build cars that are stronger than steel – Henry Ford already did a test car with hemp plastic windows that they couldn’t smash with a massive hammer and Hemp Fuel.
Hemp doesn’t need much water to grow, doesn’t need chemicals, controls weeds and also cleans up radiation.
You can also eat Hemp which is illegal in NZ and Aussie but NZ can eat Hemp Seed Oil which gives Omega 3 and 6 without depleting the Ocean.
Hemp can be made into over 50,000 products just at the moment and that is growing.
NZ doesn’t have enough Hemp farmers to sub-stain the Hemp industry at the moment with NZ hemp so Hemp needs to be brought in from Canada which equals higher prices.
Hemp healthier for Humans and healthier for the Planet!
Looking to build a Eco friendly cheaper house, think you may of just found it!

“Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.”
– President Thomas Jefferson

“Growing hemp as nature designed it is vital to our urgent need to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure the survival of our planet.”
–  Jack Herer

Just to back up what we are saying as your properly thinking we’re completely bonkers right on this moment:

Here’s a post we did on Hemp at the start of the year  – WARNING – It’s does mention God and Bible scripture, just letting you know.
1941 Henry Ford’s Model T Video Here!
Hemp for Victory NZ website here – explaining Hemp in more detail and what it means for us in NZ
4  young Maori Innovators Bringing Hemp mainstream for Eco friendly and Cheap housing for NZ – Maori NewsE.C.H.O – Their Facebook page
The Hemp Farm NZ website here – WARNING  – This is Big Lips Budget Mama’s affiliate link – meaning if you            purchase a product from their store we will receive commission for it. – they also have a Video about              T Radars visit to the farm, giving more incite into Hemp, Hemp information and Products.

Don’t buy retail, don’t pay full price, buy quality over quantity = Wholesale Shopping, Markets, Auctions, Artisans – Buy directly from who is making the product or from wholesales open to the public, stores and auctions that deal with fallen sale orders, slightly damaged stock etc, you’ll be surprised at some of the items and discounts you can get.
Don’t buy things unless you need them, not because they are cheap, then you don’t end up using them, which is a waste of money.

How is that going to help me with things like the dentist – glad you asked I only know about for Dentist and Chinese Medicine but apparently it’s for other things also where Uni – students need to practice their trade while they are learning so they give discounts to the public so the students can practice on you – Sounds scary but there are teacher/s sometimes up to three teachers – (in the Dentist anyway) watching over the students.

Akoranga Integrated health Clinic – AUT – Does Oral Health Checks –
Adults – $60 Full mouth examination, x-rays, hygiene treatment
$30 Mouth guards
$230 Whitening trays and kit
Adolescents – Free dental care for young people from 13 – 17 years only.
– $10 Mouth guards.
– Dental fillings for adolescents (from 13-17 years only) – not surer if a cost for this.
Akoranga Integrated Health Clinic
AUT North Campus
AD Building, 90 Akoranga Drive
Northcote, Auckland
For further information or to make an appointment –
Phone – (09) 921 9155
Email –
Website –
New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine
321 Great South Rd,
Ph – (09) 969-4328 – To Book for a Appointment
Students practicing Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine – They are Supervised by qualified Practitioners
Wholesale and Factory Shopping in East Tamaki

East Tamaki - factory loop pic
You might want to  check out the address and wholesalers and factory’s here!
ou might want to check out our Auckland & NZ Directory here!

When you go to any new store/wholesaler etc look around first with a list you have made before hand of things you need, find things on your list, check prices with prices you know and see if it’s cheaper than you normally get else where, if so walk out take a breath and get a steady head so you aren’t too excited and buy more than you need or go over your budget.

Where can you shop online – (it’s a little more expensive than shopping at one of the places on the map above – but this places delivers Auckland wide open 24/7 7 days a week online) Website here!

There is second hand places to purchase things, also there is free places online – like this one Here!
Where you can pick up free stuff that is insane sometimes – have seen free brand new demo kitchens to pick up, 300 couches that was used for a movie or ad set, an old caravan that needed doing up.
You do have to move quick though to catch them before someone else.

Use sites like Trademe where you can check the reputation of the person also before clicking the auction button and check out other auctions, you can pick up some really great deals from here at times also.

Markets to get fresh veges and fruit  or Online Markets/Platforms that only get your orders ready when you order so you are getting it picked especially just for your order with a certain time period for delivery – sorry quite vage on this as waiting for one to open at the end of February to check out prices as some of the online ones can be quite expensive sometimes.

Growing your own food – veges or fruit check out heirloom seeds (there are some listed on trademe) they seem to grow a lot of fruit and veges and seem to be the original seeds that aren’t GMO.

Not using Credit cards or loans, this can be really hard but using a debit card instead where you use your own money not paying interest to the bank for money that they borrow any way.
With paying for interest and loan draw ups, if you can wait save up for it, or if you can live without it leave it.

Make things at home like food, baking, cleaners, try your hand at making things out of pallets – you can make beds, sofas, tables alsorts – business give pallets away.
With making your own cleaners if you need extra products that you normally don’t have around the home, look at how many other products you can make with it and how many other uses you can get out of it.
For example – Dr Bronners Liquid Hemp Soap – you can use it to make washing powder, homemade like a jif cream cleaner, shampoo, dish liquid – (haven’t got the mix right for the shampoo and dish liquid yet) etc, has about 18 uses.

Buying whole foods – buy things that are actually food not chemicals – when looking at the back of the products check the sugar levels or you can look at anything with processed sugar and artificial sugars that will knock out about 80% of the products on the supermarket shelves – scary right?
Fruit and Raw honey has natural sugar in them and can use these to sweeten food.
Products that have ingredients that you can’t understand or know what they are, put it back on the shelf.
Real foods are fruit, veges, meat, poultry, seafood, legumes, beans, etc – just check how they have been processed and extra ingredients have been put in them.
You’ll find your trolley very empty.

You might also want to check out another one of our posts 9 tips for saving on a budget.

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Sorry for the really long post, hope it does help someone in saving in Auckland.

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