Trading Time For Money Or Money For Time Business Online

When you decide you want to work online or have a Business online there are two groups of people those that trade time for money and those that trade money for time.

Isn’t that the same thing?

No it’s not indeed so I’ll explain when you decide to come online your either looking for a job, that pays you a hourly wage to do a service or sell some products, but you get get a income no matter how much product you sell or if you do the service you get paid a set wage working so many hours etc.

Then you have those that want to work for themselves and look for a online Business – with a online Business you have MLM – multi level marketing, direct sales, importing & exporting, trading, and then you have doing your own product or service, or trading or importing & exporting on your own.

Isn’t this the same as offline?

Yes it is, but a lot of people now what to work from home or travel so online opens that up, and also working from were ever you like in the world, were you can do your work in your own time, or when you are available to, grow your Business as big or as small as you like in your own time.

When your trading time for money you are bringing in a income or doing a Business or selling product/s, services where you can sell on behalf of a company and get a commission without having to invest in the products or business.
Trading money for time are those that are paying for a business, products etc that have been online a while and not producing a income but buying and trying everything online to try and make something work.

The reality

Only about 1-3% of people online are trading time for money, that is very scary stats.
Personally I think there are so many factors to working or having a Business Online which can hinder you just like applying for a job offline if you don’t have certain skills you wont get hired online it’s more you can be taken advantage of not knowing how things work or what you want to do. It’s all a learning curve which sometimes you need to go through to be able to understand what works for you and what you want.
Think of it like choosing subjects at school, or uni or choosing a job you really don’t know the in’s and out’s until you try it.
You could start a business out of something that you think could change an industry for the better, something that you think is missing that it should have to make it easier for other people.

There is also many other working parts, like you have an idea or a business, you need a website, marketing, product, if your not going to do these yourself are you going to learn how to do them, or pay someone to do them if so how much of a budget do you have to do these and then there’s finding people that will do these and do it properly and won’t keep sucking money out of you to get it done and then they walk away after you have given them cash and the site crashes.

Knowing where to look or even how to find things can be hard depending on your computer skills also.

If your like me and don’t really have much skill sets at all and the budget is tight where can I pick up some skill sets to have a trade or service to offer people, or to offer a business, I like products but where can I find these without investment and earn a little bit while I’m learn a skill or while I’m learning the ropes. Where can I find people with good reputations to do things that I can’t, that will get me started quicker instead of trying and testing?

I don’t think there is any magic cure but I can share a few things that have helped me with learning online, I didn’t find these things straight away either, these are more some in the last two years I found that i didn’t really understand the value of them or in the last year.
What works for someone else may-not work for you, so it may still be trail and error, everything we do is a learning curve, we can either learn from it and take away a lesson learnt, or get discouraged and quit and i can tell you I’ve nearly quit so many times but something just kept me giving it another try and try to see where was I going wrong what didn’t work and what worked, and then trying to fix that.

Then you will also have everyone online has a opion on how  a business should be ran and what you should be doing, at the end of the day they aren’t you,  you are the one that needs to make the decisions and choose what is right for you, as your the only one that knows your situation, your capabilities, but you can succeed anything when you put your mind to it, believe in yourself and let your dreams flow upon you, but it will take hard work and may take a few years to do, would you still want to achieve your dreams?

Not everything can be classified as a job or business also, as there are things that you could earn a little bit, where you don’t have to be a business owner or someone doesn’t tell you what to do or how to do it, it’s a opportunity that if you would like to use the platform or do it, there is a possibility that you could earn a income from it.
Like for example – blogging on platforms where the community or the site may pay you for your work if people like your post.
With things like this you would need to write and get known in the community and build up a following, the people that make it in the online world have a following, they have trust which they have built up over many years, when people don’t trust you or like what your saying or doing you wont get a following, but remember we are all different and unique, the goal is the way you think 1 other person may thing like you.
So don’t give up, choose a nitch (subject like a hobby or something you are passionate about and know abit or a lot about, and give value of information that you know.)

What I suggest may-not work for you, if you don’t try it won’t for you, if you don’t follow what the online course, or program say’s it won’t work for you.
Some of what I suggest I may get a commission for you buying a product, some of what I suggest I won’t.
What I suggest is from my experience online are low cost ways to start a business or earn online, or help your Business with minimal cash or no cash.
Some of the people behind some of these I have spoken to personally not all, but some and they have great passion for what they do and are happy to help people grow their Business or help people that want to grow their Business with a compassion.

Looking for a Job Online
Depending on what country you live in this can be hard, and also if you don’t know anyone that has their own Business that wants someone to work from home for them, what type of job are you looking for also.
These are more skills to up-skill or something that you could turn into a Business for yourself or use in or as a job.

If you can’t find a job offline because of computers or you don’t have skills for jobs that are out there, and you turn online the best place to start in my opion would be training online courses – getting the skills. 
Free online courses – where you can learn a range of topics, from learning Diploma Courses, Business & Enterprise Skills, Digital Literacy & It Skills, Personal Development & Soft Skills, Languages, School Curriculum, Health & Safety & Compliance, Health Literacy, Financial & Economic Literacy. The only cost is the Diploma Courses at the end if you want the diploma, but the courses are free.
How can these courses be free, as they get money from the ads on the site, when someone clicks on the ads.
Anyone from any Country can join for Free and take the Free courses, they will need to be off age, please check the age limit as this can change, it’s says at the moment no one under the age of 13 years old.

The others are great but what if you don’t have a skill or service to offer, or need to upgrade your skills and wanting some extra cash while your getting that ready that is trading time for money, commission based sales, selling products for a company with no financial or time restriction. If you would like something like this contact us via email at, so we can give you some information so you can assess weather this is something you would like to try.

Not a Job or Business –

This is in beta at the moment – If you have a Skill or a Business and would like to earn a little extra or maybe turn it in to a business in your local area, or weather you travel around the world marketing can get expensive so another option can be this little app  that lets people that use the app know who’s available in their local area that does the Skill or Service that they are looking for, with a Reputation of how reputable  you are, which gives a guideline to customers weather to use your skill or service based on your reputation – This is in beta at the moment.


Social media – there are plenty of sites out there all wanting you to use them, You sign up account for free and when your going down your profile or the side you sometimes see ads, people buy that advertising space, like in newspapers, magazines.
So the social site earns from people, company’s buying advertising, it is big business, but what if that site shared some of the profit with it’s users.
There are sites out there that do this that give the users money for adding posts etc, there are rules, disclaimers that do need to be followed on these, these sites are great for those that use social media alot and would like a little something back for what they already do.
But with anything you would need to have a following and be really interactive which does take a bit of time to earn a good amount, so sometimes people that don’t really post or do anything, don’t really see the point.
Somethings work for others and somethings don’t it’s all about seeing what works for you and what your looking for.
You just might be looking for a way to write and put out great content and find people that appreciate the knowledge you have obtained and want to share, and if you earn a little extra it is a added bonus.
If that is the case then you might want to try a Blogging Community where you can write and could earn a little money or alot of money depending on a few things which is all explained on the site.

Online Business

There is so many ways to do Business and as I said above depends what you are looking for.
Lets start with what to stay away from –
Rev Shares – this is a tricky one as there are real ones out there that work, but have been a lot shut down because of the way the advertise, the unsuitability of them.
Cyclers – Groups of people passing money around and hoping to cycle up these normally collapse
Hybrids – fast yielding profits that normally can’t be obtained.
Gifting – donating money to the person that brought you in and then you need to bring in so many so they gift to you.

These are all very very very risky and the there are very strict laws with these in different Country’s, they might be alright for your Country but not for the Country that they have registered in, these mostly start out legally then cross the blurred line which can turn pretty quickly, best to stay away if you can’t afford to loss your money, and don’t want to see others loss theirs also if it turns sour.

Every Business should have a product or service to sell weather it’s consulting – teaching people how to do things they can use – trading, Styling, time management, etc, selling products.

In saying that any Business has risk just like a Job you don’t know what the out come is going to be, but if you check the risks and eliminate them wouldn’t that be better than charging towards risks?

When your looking for a Business
– Look at your interests
– Think about how your going to do every aspect from Advertising/Marketing, What rules apply to the Business, Do I want to work for myself or be apart of someone else’s Business but be a independent Business owner, do I want to Invest.
– Do I want to sell Products of my own or sell products already made, If so do I want to import export.
– How much money do you have to spend – what is your budget
– Are you want to make money or make a lifestyle
– Do something you are passionate about and enjoy doing.

Thank You for stopping by would love to here your thoughts on this topic, also you might want to come back and check out other posts that we will be doing about other business, or services that you can use to help with your Business or finding people to help you with what you need to achieve.

Have a Wonderful Day/Evening.

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